Thursday, June 07, 2001

Hello! And welcome to AC's Insight!
Well.. since the site is at, maybe I should call it AC's oddisms. I think I might do that. Anyways.. for my first oddism.. I will talk about dreams..

Have you ever wondered where you come up with certain people in your dreams? I mean.. those people that you have NEVER seen before? Well.. I've been thinking.. what if whenever YOU dream about a person, whether its someone you know, a movie star, or someone you "made up".. well What if THEY are dreaming about YOU too? At that same moment? Now wouldn't that be weird? So you are dreaming about oh.. lets say Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray (isn't he HOT?).. well What if he was dreaming about you too? He might be thinking... "That girl is hot!" Or .. "That guy sure can play guitar".. And he wouldn't have a clue who you are. And I mean.. you wouldn't have to be dreaming the same dream either. You could dream that Mark is at your school doing a concert.. or that the two of you are best friends.. While HE could be dreaming about something else totally.. Oh lets say.. A garden full of flowers.. And lots of people are there. One of those people is YOU. And maybe.. just maybe.. you were only in the dream for a few seconds.. but he remembers you as "that mysterious person" after he wakes up.. or at least for the rest of that dream.
Now wouldn't THAT be interesting??
I think that would actually be kind of cool.

See ya!

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