Monday, June 11, 2001

Okay.. I know this is the time when people have proms.. But what's the deal with them?
you spend HUNDREDS of dollars on a dress.. new shoes.. getting your nails done..
doing you hair.. All for what? ONE NIGHT of dancing.. partying and drinking with your friends so you can crash your car and wind up in the hospital.. or even worse.. DEAD. What's the deal? You can go out with your friends anytime. Why should you have to dress up and spend loads of money on one night that only actually lasts for a few hours???! Why not just relax and stay at home in a pair of comfy jeans? Why do you need to show off in front of the whole senior class?? Why do you have to spend so much money on one lousy night? I'm going to go to my proms.. (next year and in OAC) but.. STILL! Why does it have to be so expensive? Why do people get so worked up about their appearance, and what others think about them? And what about those people who don't have many friends.. who aren't "the popular people" and get left alone in a dark corner.. they never dance with anyone.. What's the deal with proms?!??



Betcha can't read just une!


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