Sunday, December 23, 2001

Before I get on with today's oddism, I've got something rather interesting to say. Remember when I talked about dreams... Oh.. WAY back.. Like, when I started this blog?? Well.. it may be true. Last week, I dreamed that I was talking on the phone to my friend Ghislain. And he dreamed about me. So.. It could be true. Just thought I'd let you all in on something interesting. ^^

Anyways.. for today's oddism, I'm going to talk about BATHROOMS. Well.. Privacy and stuff too. For some reason, whenever I'm sitting on the throne, doing my buisiness, I come up with great and wonderful ideas. I seem to think best while I am on the toilet. Same goes for Weird Al Yankovic! I think its because, when you are on the toilet, you have at least some degree of privacy.. and its a nice, alone, quiet time... So I don't know about you, but I think better. Its kinda nice too. Although.. in my house... I don't always have 100% privacy.. with a little sister and my mom going in and out...

Also.. what's with people writing graffiti all the time in the bathrooms? I don't care if someone thinks someone else is a hottie, or a whore, or if someone has been there. And it just really bugs me, because it is disrespectful. But sometimes what is written is really funny. Like... "I like me" and someone else writes underneath "me too". I actually had some other quote in mind, that I read in a stall at school.. but that was over a month ago.. so I forget now. Sorry.

In some restaurants I've been to, they put little chalk boards and chalk in the stalls to avoid the grafitti. I thought it was really cool. You could put your two cents in.. without destroying the property! It was actually quite fun.
Well.. Thats enough about bathrooms for now!
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