Friday, February 15, 2002

I just feel like talking.. so I'm going to talk.
I don't really get some things in life.. Like why some people are popular.. and others are not. And all sorts of crazy things. I'm not really friends with any of the popular kids at my school.. and I don't care. They seem nice.. but I don't really know them.. and they don't talk to me.. so I don't talk to them. If they were friendly to me, then I'd be friendly back. But I find that I can't be friends with people I don't trust. And its very easy for me to trust people. I trust a lot of people. So.. I don't even really know what I'm saying. If you think you do.. maybe email me.. and we'll talk more.. Or.. Just think I'm crazy or weird. That's okay. Everybody else does. I don't mind. Just don't send me to an insane asylum.


Oh.. And I just wanted to mention that I had another dream about "the trenchcoat boys" this morning. Well.. it wasn't really about those kids from Collumbine (sp?) but, it did deal with shootings. It was very strange. I woke up lying flat on my back, my body was very tense.. Just like in my dream (exept I was lying flat on my stomach in the dream.. weird!) and I was still afraid. I wasn't really sure if I was still dreaming or not.. Well.. I knew I wasn't dreaming anymore.. that I was awake.. but I was seriously freaked and was wondering whether or not there really were killers outside my house, shooting people. And the little "click" noises coming from my heater didn't help any. My heater is right underneath my window. So... yeah. Anyways..I think that's like, at least the 3rd one I've had like that since the first BOMB THREAT at my school back in April or May of '99. And on Wednesday morning (the 13th of February) I had a weird dream involving Canada Geese-People. It was.. um.. Very, very strange to say the least. And before I woke up, I was asking one of them, a guy who looked like (or was?) Steve Buscemi, about what becoming one of them entails. I believe that I was honestly considering becoming one of them in my dream!!! I never found out though... My alarm woke me up! Grr!!!!! I have to dream that again and find out, or either make it up myself, because I think I'm going to use that idea in my comic. I'm not sure though. Maybe not. I get a lot of my ideas for my works from my dreams. And I have plenty of strange ones. They're all strange. When I have normal dreams.. THATS strange for me. Hmm.. Maybe I should turn this into a dream journal? Or make a new blog for that? Then I'll have 4 blogs.. hm.. Plus the strangers one..

Hmm... *sigh*
What to do.. ? What to do..?


PS.. You know what? The last topic I wrote about on here, about the bathroom graffiti and the little chalkboards? I mentioned that today at school to my friends. I forgot I had written it here.. but anyways.. they thought it was cool, and I think they agree with me.


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