Wednesday, March 13, 2002

I'm thinking about turning this mostly into a Dream Log.. So I think I'm going to.. I'll still share my opinions, thoughts, and feelings though. But I think I'll post up my dreams in here more often.

Okay.. First.. I'm going to start with the dream I had this morning. I really like that show, Smallville, on the WB. You know.. its the whole "Superboy in the making" story. Anyways.. My dream was mainly about that.

First thing I remember, was being at someone's house for a sleepover party or something. I was wearing a long t-shirt and my underwear.. Then Matt, the quarterback (who I personally think is SOOOOOOO annoying) from my school happened to show up just as I was bending over and putting on my pants. I heard him tell my friend in a whisper that he actually thought I WAS HOT! (in real life.. that never would have happened. Though he did ask me to mini-golf when I was in grade nine.. I don't think he really likes me. I thought then, and I still do now, that it was some kind of joke.) It was weird. I told my friend that I heard everything he said, and then I started to think that I may actually have the tiniest crush on him. Plus, it would be "cool" to be dating the school's senior quarterback. (We're the same age, and currently, we have the same 3rd period English class.) I shook those thoughts out of my mind.

Then I'm back in my grade school's Fitch Chapel. I think I may have even been in grade school again.
We're supposed to do some kind of interview with an old woman with a partner on stage. I walked in JUST in time for my turn. I asked her a few, general questions.. because I really had no idea what we were supposed to be talking about, and I ate one of her delicious cookies. I flattered her, telling her they were the best cookies ever. I wanted to eat more.. Then I think I woke up for a bit, and I could still taste the cookies in my mouth...

Asleep and dreaming again,
Next thing I know.. I'm going to youth group in some kind of little white tent. We rented it out for some reason.. We put on some cheesy slide show about a moose or dragon. Two of my friends, Danica and Crystal, were sitting next to me. Crystal was hugging Danica really tight. "How come YOU'RE not getting suffocated?" Danica asked. Then I left.
(or that may have happened BEFORE the school part.. I'm not sure of that order anymore)

Once again its a different scene. I'm Clark (from Smallville) and I'm in a jail cell. (all concrete bricks.. small wire going into the room for bugging, I guess.
In this dream though, I know that Superman (me... Clark..) is supposed to have other powers that he (I) don't have yet.
I don't remember all that much of this dream now.. (it was from March 13th, and now it is May 20th) But I remember cows trying to get into my farmhouse AFTER escaping from the jail by travelling through the wires in the jail walls, then jumping over the really high, electric barbed-wire fence. I stopped the cows with my body in the doorway. That's all I can remember now. The entire thing was really weird, but interesting. And I had some little old woman as my grandmother, who was telling me what to do. (Like to go through the wires to escape the prison).

Yup. That was weird.


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