Monday, May 20, 2002

Did I tell you guys about the dream where I could walk through walls?
I guess not.
It was neat. It was interesting!
There was this girl, and she gave me this spraypaint can. She said that all I had to do was spray it all over me and rub it into my skin, and then I could be like a ghost for a few hours.
So I tried it. It was neat. When it would begin to wear off, you'd go kind of slowly, and have to really push yourself through the walls and whatnot.
Near the end of the dream, there was some other girl, who was freaking out by my half-transparent body, so I was trying to let her in on the cool secret too. I sprayed some on her stomach, and it disappeared (went entirely invisible) and she freaked out even more! She began screaming one, continuous and loud scream, and then I woke up.
That was months ago.

Now, just a few weeks ago, I had a different dream.
I was letting my sister (who doesn't have any kind of license at all.. not in real life, or in my dream) drive! She was doing all right, but when we were about a block from our house I made her switch spots with me, so our parents wouldn't know that I had let her drive. (now, in real life, I only have my learner's[G1], so I need an adult with me.. but in my dream, I think I had my G2 [like a full license, only no alchohol in your blood AT ALL]) Well, I drove up into the driveway and stopped. I didn't realize it though, so when I meant to turn OFF the engine with the key, I turned it back on, and drove another 2 or 3 feet up the driveway, almost hitting my dad that came out of the house to welcome us back home!

Next thing I know, my sister and I are at some person's house, waiting in line to get inside to the "real" party. (I guess.. I don't know.. we were in line in what appeared to be an empty living room, nothing but carpet, and it was upstairs, like a loft or something.) Anyways, suddenly I hear a male voice say "What are dead girls doing here?" The guy in front of me, with red hair and wearing a blue, short-sleeve, button-down shirt, turns around. He talks to me for a bit, and then PUTS HIS HAND THROUGH MY SIDE! (2003-01-05 edit: Actually, his hand went through my back to my front.) From a bit right of my stomach, all the way through. I can feel his hand inside of me. Its tingly, interesting, and weird. I look over my shoulder and I can see his fingertips coming out of my back. He starts taking it out slowly, and I wake up, still feeling a little weird. It was cool, but really strange. I knew I was all there, but I pulled down my blanket and felt with my own hand anyways.
That was the most recent dream that I can vividly remember. Sooooo weird feeling. Creepy. But at the same time, kind of cool.

Weird thing about this though, was it happened a few days after my friend Holly told me she had a dream where I was dead. She was busy doing homework or something.. then her mom came in and told her that I was dead.. and she knew it was true.. and she just kept crying.

Also, it was the day after I had this other near-death car-crash experience dream.
In this one, my mom is driving us (myself and my mom) down the highway in my dad's stick-shift white neon. We get caught in this really long, really bad traffic jam. No cars are moving. So we both get out of the car and switch spots. (I have NO idea why.. but we did.) I turn the car around, and we start going the other way. Instead of going back up some On-Ramp that turns to the right after we had been driving pretty fast for quite a while, I continue to go straight. Then all of a sudden, there is only a few hundred meters of pavement left in front of me, and worse than that, an extremely fast cargo train (cargo train going as fast as a passenger train) is crossing the road!! There are no lights, no signals, no bars coming down to warn or stop me. I begin putting pressure on the brakes, slow at first then quickly harder, then with all my might, down to the floor. But the car doesn't stop. Instead, it only goes FASTER. I look down at the foot controls to MAKE SURE I'm pressing on the brakes and not the gas or the clutch.. I AM.
What the heck! I slam on the brakes again and again. My mom then tells me, I have to press the button to turn the brakes ON first, silly. Oh ! Right! Okay! (like when the heck did that happen?) She points to the buttons near where in real life, Cruise control would be. There are four. All of them, with cheaply drawn (what looks like a child's rendition, with crayons) animals. The one to turn the brakes back on has a picture of a brown mountain goat. So I press it, and then push on the brakes again, FINALLY stopping the car, just INCHES from the moving train. The front wheels are entirely in the grass in the ditch (yeah.. the highway just sort of stops in the middle of nowhere. I think it starts up again on the other side of the tracks).. MAN, that was CLOSE! I'm breathing really hard.. I think I turn off the ignition.. not sure. Then I wake up.
Now, this wasn't a nightmare. It was just a weird dream. I honestly can say that I haven't had any NIGHTMARES since the one with the tiny little aliens on my front lawn. And I've only had 2 nightmares that I could remember. The other was with the fish in my grade 1 classroom, that kept growing and growing and was floating out of the fish tank.. With spikes.. it was huge! Yes, that sounds extremely silly, I laugh at it now too.. but it was the second scariest dream I can rememeber! And it REALLY had me freaked out back then, too!

Talk to you all later!

Ja mata ne!


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