Saturday, June 28, 2003

Heh.. My first ever Flash animation was blammed. That's okay, it wasn't that good. It happened really fast, though. 0.22/5.00 in only 50 votes!

One person's review I found really funny.


Kind of amusing.

Oh well.

And I didn't get in at Best Buy. It's kind of dissappointing... that would have been such a great job! But... *sighs* Oh well, at least I didn't miss out on the job because I missed a phone call!

Thermalyte is supposed to be back up by 8pm EST time tomorrow. If it is... Yay!
It seems really unlikely, now, though. 'Cause I haven't done anything really on it, all week. (Meep!)

Listening to the Witch Hunter Robin soundtrack now.
It's got great music. *nods*

Ja ne!


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