Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Lalala... I'm still sick.

Right now I'm watching Clockstoppers on TMN. I still haven't done a thing more for my ISU's yet. I reaaaallly don't want to. But I think I'm feeling well enough to force myself to school tomorrow. And I sooo don't wanna go to school tomorrow.

Today I had another blood test. Four, actually. At least one of them is to check if I have "lime disease" or lyme disease... I don't know what the others are for. And, I had to give the doctor a urine sample, and get an X-ray (two, actually) of my chest taken, AND I have an appointment for an ultra-sound of my abdomen on June 17th. Yay.

Everybody thinks I'm pregnant. Well, not my parents. But it's the first thing doctors ask. First it was mono, and now that it's not mono, I'm pregnant. (There's no possible way in this dimension that I could be, believe me. I'm a virgin in every sense of the word. And I think I'd know that.)

Yeah.... I suck. I'm totally lazy. Whine whine whine, complain complain complain. That doesn't get anything done. Hopefully, when the movie's over, I actually do my crap.

I want highschool to be over... And skip the exams.

*uber-sarcastic* Yay.

So... Just waiting for Jesse Bradford to go into double hyper-time. Which he did. That part is coooool.

Hmmm... So tired! *groans*

I wanna go back to bed...


And.... Holly knows what I'm thinking when I say.... I need Toronto!

Well, the movie's almost over... Off he goes in the Mustang. The really, really fast Mustang.

I want a Mustang...
And a Viper, and a Corvette, and a Hummer.

Yeah... Those are my cars. *nods*

Wow. Watching the movie the second time, I was able to notice how great a soundtrack it has! Cool. If they have it in stores, I might consider buying it! (nah, probably not. A few of the really great songs I already have on other CDs..)

Speaking of CDs... I wonder when my burner will start talking to my computer again so that I can start burning all that wonderful anime I've downloaded and put it onto disc so I can get more? It's been acting funky lately.

I wonder if maybe my burner is on the frink? Hmmm....

*shudders* *yawns*

I'm cold.

I wanna sleep.

Maybe I should go to bed. Except, I'm sitting here with my comforter on me. And I'm already shivering. Maybe I am still too sick to go to school tomorrow... Hm.... I wonder how many days I have left anyways. But then again, the school DID call yesterday morning. "We're concerned about Christine, it's evaluation time." Blah blah blah.

I'm soooo tired. *yawns again*
And I have a headache from my dad's music.

To Holly if you're reading this: I guess no visit today! I'm still "too sick" as it were, and of course, I've got the dreaded ISUs of DOOM.

To Ghislain if you're reading this: Hi! Have you read about "the frink"? If so... why don't you draw an interpretation of it on my oekaki board?

Well, off I go to try to pull off reading one book, two plays, 3 articles, and write response journals for each, as well as research on the authors and write an essay... And then do 9 "private" journals, read the rest of Hamlet and do questions for Acts 3 to 5. Oh yeah. I am soooooooooooooooooo dead.

In fact, I'm so dead, I'm undead.

Gah.... Maybe I'll just wait 'til after I've seen The Weekenders. That's such a relaxing show...

Yeah, I guess I'll eat right now, and watch some more TV. When I'm done that, hopefully I've got enough energy, mindpower, and willpower to get crackin'.

Well, see ya!
Ja ne!


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