Sunday, April 27, 2003

Well, I'm a lot more consistant than before! And I did only say I would try to write something here everyday. So, I guess I'm doing alright then.

Today's topic: Sickness.

I hate colds. I really really hate them.
I'd much rather have the flu.
Why? When you have the flu, you can still taste your chicken-noodle soup.
When you have the flu, you can STAY HOME!
When you have the flu, you can breathe without any complications.
When you have the flu, your throat is not sore.
When you have the flu, you don't have a stuffy or runny (or some bizarre combination of both) nose!
That's what I think is the worst!
When you have the flu, you may be feeling really tired and weak, but at least you aren't suddenly transformed into the world's biggest clutz!
When you have the flu, you could sleep ever so easily... rather than having a pounding sinus headache keeping you awake all night!
When you have the flu, depending on the severity and your own body, you may be throwing up your dinner, but usually not, right? And not so often. The last time I actually threw up anything while having the flu was at least 4 years ago. But a running/stuffy nose and hacking/coughing due to a chest cold is almost constant (if not that!).


When you have the flu, you can give it to your friends, but not as easily (it's not airborne, and they'd have to come over to get it).
When you have the flu, people pamper you. When you have a cold, people laugh at you and make jokes that you're related to Rudolph.

When you have the flu, you may have to avoid meat, milk products, and greasy food products... But you don't really mind because you aren't that hungry anyway.
When you have a cold, the only time your nose ISN'T constantly running is when you're eating... unless it's something spicy.

About the only good thing I can think of about having a cold is that you can eat anything... in fact, you are encouraged to eat. "Starve a fever, feed a cold!"

Unfortunately... Eating isn't all that easy when you have to keep stopping to rub your nose with a Kleenex. Soooo....





Ewwwww! I'm so gross!! >_<

Oh, and if anyone didn't figure it out, I'm writing this because I have a cold right now. It hasn't gotten into my chest yet, but I'll bet it's getting there...
Grrr!!! Stupid virus!
*shakes fist*


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