Monday, April 14, 2003

Blah, blah... you know the drill.
And that's why from NOW on, I'm going to try to write something once a day, whether it's just typing up an old Writer's Craft private journal entry (they're not actually private), or recalling a REALLY old dream, or just random blurbs and rants and thoughts of my own.

As usual, this is oddisms. It's my little corner of the web to be weird in. Well.. I'm really quite weird EVERYHWERE I go on the internet.. but.. yeah. You know.

Well, since it's past midnight and I need to get up early tomorrow (ugh!) I'm off to bed.

See ya later!

(yeaaaaaahh.. not much of a post, I know... well.. I'll totally make up for that tomorrow beginning with my first Private Journal entry!!!!! HAH! Hahahahah!)


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