Thursday, December 05, 2002

It's been a long time since I've said anything here.

Well, lately, I've been stressed out a lot. I'm becoming an insomniac. I know that's not healthy, but it can't be helped with what I'm going through right now. First, applying to University, now ISU's and Exams just around the corner... Not to mention my school's production of "Les Misérables" coming up about a month after this semester's exams.. I don't really think I'll have much time to relax at all until the show is done.
At the same time though... I don't want it to end. It's so much fun, and everybody is so wonderful. Just like my W.C.C.A. Drama class I have every morning at 7:30am. Yes, it's terribly and frightfully early, but that's just the price I pay for my love of acting.

I can't wait to give blood for the second time, this Friday. Why? Well, I really DO hope that my blood will save lives, but this time, it's also for a personal reason. Last time, while I was giving blood, and for the whole day afterwards, I felt like I could have had the nicest, deepest sleep. And with my semi-recent insomnia (for the last 3 weeks almost straight), can you blame me? Last time I was really excited, and nervous - I had never given blood before, and I really wanted to help people. This time, I'm excited 'cause I'll finally get a good night's sleep! And I'll help people too. I'm also excited about that.

I learned that my blood type is A, but I am yet to learn whether I'm A+ or A-. I really hope I'm A-, because then my blood is good for twice as many blood types! (4 instead of 2.) I really, really, really want to help people. It's so exciting! And also, last time, I never had a chance to have their "famous" soup. I've heard great things about the soup down at Canadian Blood Donor Services... I just haven't had a chance to taste it yet. On top of that, they couldn't take a whole unit from me... the vein they put the needle in was too small and my blood was pulsing. It was taking forever just to get the first half of a unit! So, they used my blood for plasma instead. Maybe that's why I never received my Blood Donor Card in the mail yet. *shrugs*

Hmm.. Anyways, I really love Friends and Simpsons. I just spent the last hour before coming on the computer in front of the television, and I watched first tonight's new episode of Friends, and then a classic episode of Simpsons, where Homer plays softball for the powerplant's team, and Mr. Burns hires a bunch of professionals. I was laughing for most of that hour! It's so wonderful, especially after the stressful week I've been having, and the stressful week to come. Maybe make that weeks. I don't know how much stress I'll have during the last week of school before Christmas, but I bet it'll probably be right up there. *sighs* So anyways, it's great to just sit back and laugh, and Friends and Simpsons do that for me.

And I still have to pick up College applications. I haven't made up my mind yet whether or not I'll be applying to Sheridan also.. and ... CRAP! I just realised I haven't contacted "L'Ecole du Show Business" yet! >_<;

So, can you see why I've got stress?
Well, I should sleep well tonight, I think. I slept almost normally last night, and today, even though very stressful, has been a great day. First I had the satisfaction of finally handing my script (though only part of it) to my actors for my Drama exam, then I found out just how wonderfully understanding my Physics teacher is... He's going to let me make up for the mid-term I've missed sometime AFTER Christmas. I've tried to write it twice already since I got back from my 7-day sick leave... but it just hasn't happened. He's so understanding! God has really blessed me with wonderful teachers this year! THANK YOU GOD! I LOVE YOU!!!! *hugs* After that, I went to vocal jazz at lunch, and just had a wacky-fun good time singing funkified Christmas carols... then I enjoyed myself during spare by ignoring the fact that I had to study for a Chemistry test.. I thought I understood it all well enough.. then in the last 10-20 minutes, I studied with someone from my class, WHILE surfing the internet! XD What bliss! I mean, I still walked into the room feeling I might only barely pass the test, but not caring! It was quite wonderful. I figured I should know it already just from sitting in class. Now, I started out the test stressed and worried, but I finished it just as the bell rang to let us go for the day, and I felt like I had answered everything to the best of my current abilities, and that I could even have gotten perfect on it! What a wonderful high that was! I walked out of that class feeling happy, confident, and even hyper. Then I was just excited to come home and enjoy the beginning of my 3-day weekend. We have no school tomorrow! *sticks out tongue playfully*

So, even though I'm still really quite stressed out, and have a whole pile of work to be done this weekend, for the moment, I'm quite content as well.

Odd, don'tcha think?

Well, I'm gonna go watch "Do Over" in a few minutes, so see you later!



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