Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Okay, so I missed yesterday.
Well, technically not, since when I posted what feels like two days ago was actually in the WEE hours of the morning. So WEE, that they were still in double digits!

Anyways, here I shall type up but the first of one of my bizarre "private" journals from Writer's Craft, entirely for your weird pleasure. This was Private Journal #3.. The first to include my usual weird spasms of randomness. It was written 2003-02-07. Enjoy!

Isn't it funny how when you aren't paying attention to things because you are too busy thinking, that you can still automatically get yourself somewhere? You know, like an autopilot? Well I did that just a moment ago on my way down to the bathroom, I was thinking about how I think youth group will go tonight, and not until I had set my butt on the toilet did I realize where I was. How did I get here? What if I accidentally went into the guy's bathroom? Currie is reading "There's a hair in my dirt." Tom says he always writes his private journals in narrative. We are the knights who say "Ni". Ni! Ni! Jumping into pictures. Falling into rain. Open doors and closing lives. Shut your mouth and eat your tongue. Computers. I like comics. Fire alarms. Team Rocket Rules! James. "Prepare for trouble" "and make that double" "Jesse" "James" "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light" "Surrender now of prepare to fight" "Meowth! That's right". Je ne sais quois. Look at me! I have no head! It's the end of the world as we know it! I feel fine! Now I get to go home, I'm going to watch Sailor Moon. I like Sailor Moon. I've been watching that show since I was six or seven. My friends Aaron and Joel were the ones who first introduced me and got me addicted to the show. Now I'm a big Moonie because of it. Hee! Yup. I'm a Moonie. I've become quite the Otaku in the past year as well. I've nearly filled my hard drive with anime. Anime rocks. On the internet, my name is Anime Canuck because I like anime so much. Don't forget to invite your son for Christmas! That's right! Now shut your mouth and eat your tongue! Then eat a giant cake filled with the soy milk from the moons of Jupiter. Starry night sky so dark is fleeting. Wonder Woman cries out for Superman at his wedding. Brightly dawn is near. I feel at peace.

Yup.. That certainly was bizarre, wasn't it? Well.. It gets stranger.. Only while making more sense at the same time. I love Toronto. I really do. I was just up there last weekend (April 11th, 12th, and a bit of 13th) for my Ryerson audition. My Windsor audition is May 9th. I REALLY want to get in at Ryerson. I love Toronto! I have to go there. I just HAVE to!!!

Well, I'm off.
Good night, everybody!



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