Saturday, April 19, 2003

What shall I write about today? I don't know. I'm pretty tired. I just finished colouring Ghislain's great lineart for our Easter contribution to Nafta. He didn't ask me to colour it. I asked HIM if I could colour it. It was fun... but hard work. 2 and a half hours total. Yeah.

Why do I do these things?
But then... at the same time, I don't do my own comic. It doesn't quite make sense... does it? To want to help and please others, but neglect your own work?

I think I'm just really lazy.


Earlier today, I was thinking of typing up "Toronto Sappiness" (another one of my Private Journal entries) because I was in a wanderlust mood for Toronto... but now I'm feeling much more happy and quite satisfied, after spending most of my evening chatting with Ghislain, colouring the Easter picture (which you can see at Yankuckcanee on Easter Sunday), and laughing over stupid products from this crazy website!

Some examples:
Boing! is a shower head that anticipates your every move, is audible only to dogs and pushes things down staircases.

Design #2968174129
It's a car! It is made of glass!

POW!!! is a screwdriver that wears a waistcoat and tie! It shouts 'WARNING!' at the first sign of danger.

Design #3834577521
It's an umbrella! It may have harmful side effects!

And etc.
Heh. It was really really funny.
I think so, at least.

Julie wanted me to take a test, so I did! It was fun and had a really kawaii pic at the top! ^_^ Looks like a very lovely anime! ^_^
Anyways, here is my result!

Are you a Seme or Uke?

So, I can't really think of anything else...
Hmm... nothing really tremendously insightful today.

I still really like Japan-a-Radio, in fact, I'm listening to it right now.

Oh yeah! One more thing!
Everyone go and check out The Stairwell right now! It's a really really funny and very Canadian webcomic! I love it! It's amusing! GO! I'm serious! Why are you still here? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good night!
(I still haven't gone to bed yet)


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