Friday, April 18, 2003

Well, I missed yesterday again. It feels like today ('cause I'm still up from yesterday) but it was really yesterday. That sounds like some whole elaborate sort of mind-bending, time-twisting plot now, doesn't it? Oh, how I wish I could begin to type up my Time-Warp story for you, based off of the ellusive Timed-Writing #15! (I just handed it in to be marked today.)

Well, since today is really today now, and not yesterday, that makes it Good Friday, the day MY Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, so that we could be forgiven and enter heaven.

That's just so wonderful! Don't you think so?

I love Jesus! He's so cool!

I can't wait to draw up J-Force for Him! It's going to be great! The characters will call up their boss J.C. on their red cellphones... ^_^

I still need to improve my drawing skills some more before I begin. Hopefully, by 2004, I can start putting it up on the internet.


This weekend, I'm going to attempt (finally) the insane, nearly impossible (well probably not really, if I ever get started on it) task of fixing and re-vamping my site for Thermalyte. Yay.

I like being creative and working on websites... but not so much when they're this much WORK. Ugh. I hate work. I'm so incredibly lazy.
I need a job. Oh yes. This week I shall also be job-hunting, since my dad is apparently totally against me going to school in Toronto. Grr!!! So yes, I shall shove my money-making abilities in his face. If only I could get hired somewhere...

I need more of a life. Actually, I have a life, but I think hermit-ism runs through my blood. It must be because of my dad. He likes to keep to himself. And then, on top of that, both my grandmas LOVE reading... so there's another reason for me to become a hermit right there!

Yeah.. this is insane. I guess I'm in this ranty mood because I'm so tired, and my eyelids are hanging halfway down my face. It is 1:02am afterall!

So, I shall be leaving all of you to your own devices for now.

Ja ne!


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