Wednesday, May 14, 2003


My monologues turned out fine. That was the easiest part of the audition, well, aside from the vocal warm-up. The movement warm-up was HELL though. Well.. Maybe not hell, but most certainly HECK.

And I feel sorry for Heck. He gets blamed for everything. "Stupid as Heck", "Crazy as Heck", "Ugly as Heck"... "Scary as Heck"... But then at the same time.. This says a lot about Heck. He seems to be extremely everything... And when you think about it that way, Heck sounds like a pretty cool guy. I'd like to meet him. He's gotta be the the most interesting person on Earth!

Anyways, I'm pretty sure my audition went well, and my shoulder no longer hurts from the vocal warm-ups that morning. My knee is still bruised from the movement, though. We had to do some sort of sideways-tumble-flip thing... and yeah.. both my left knee and one of my friend's left knees were sore afterwards. I need to get in shape if I'm going to be taking BFA Acting next year. Whether it be at Windsor, or at Ryerson. I still prefer Ryerson, though.

The vocal professor, Michael, was really cool. I'd love to have lots of classes with him. But the movement classes... they sound scary!!! *blink blinks*

Anyways.. Yeah.

I don't remember what I was going to say, but at least I said something.
So "YAY!" for that.

Oh yeah.. and don't forget to check my oekaki board every once in a while too, okay?

And go read Seasons of Constancy!!!!! It kicks BUTT!!!


Ja mata ne!


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