Thursday, May 08, 2003

I don't know my second monologue for my audition tomorrow!!!! Eeeep!
And I gotta go to bed soon so I can catch the bus to get there on time!

In one, I'm Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare's "Macbeth". The other, the one I don't know, is Nimuë from "The Last Enchantment".

Magic, it's magic! Stronger than any I could ever know. And you told me you had given it all to me. I should have known, I should have known. Ah, Merlin. Merlin!
It's you. It's really you. You've come back. It is magic. You must still be the greatest enchanter in all the world.
You had told me to learn all that you had to tell me. You had said that I must build on every detail of your life, that after your death I must be Merlin. And you were leaving me, slipping from me in sleep. I had to do it, hadn't I? Force the last of your power from you, even though with it I took the last of your strength? I did it by every means I knew - cajoled, stormed, threatened... gave you cordials and brought you back to answer me again and again - when what I should have done, had you been any other man, was to let you sleep, and go in peace. And because you were Merlin and no other man, you roused yourself in pain and answered me, and gave me all you had. So minute by minute I weakened you, when it seems to me now that I might have saved you...
Do you remember it when I hung about you and tormented you to your death like a spider sucking the life from a honey bee?
But then... even all the power and knowledge you had given me could not show me that we had buried you living, and bring me back to get you out. Merlin, I should have known. I should have known!!

YEaaaahhhhh.. I'm still trying to memorize it.
If I don't get in at either Ryerson OR Windsor for my BFA, I don't know what I'm going to do... ~_~




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