Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Happy happy happy!!

Well... not exuberantly happy, but I've been having a generally good day.
Writer's Craft was especially fun.

I've just made a new way for you all to "contact" me.
My old oekaki board (which was pretty much private) has been trashed from inactivity I guess, so I made a new one under a new name...

The Official Oddisms Oekaki Board!!!!

It's called "Oddity3". Click here to check it out! Oddity3: The Official Oddisms Oekaki Board!!!


I expect to see my friends like Ghislain, Sharde, FlamingKetchup, Emiko, Tami, Bryan, Shu, Yoshito, and Julian to draw in there. Plus, I'll be drawing there too. Just relax and feel at ease! The only rule is this: Nothing over PG-13!! And respect other people. Try to comment if you can, but don't feel obligated to do so. Have FUN!!!! ^_^


What a waste of a post, eh?

Hmm.. Oh yeah. And Thermalyte's still not back up yet. I wonder if I'll ever get it flying again... *sighs*


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