Sunday, June 01, 2003

I'm gonna cry.
I had a very strange week. A very very strange week.
I didn't go to school all week, and yet, I did.

It's so confusing and emotion-filled that I don't really know how to write all that happened. Basically, I'm sick. I have some kind of virus, which is making me a reverse insomniac, or a narclepsiac? (don't know exactly what that word is). Anyways, I've been sleeping anywhere from 11 to 16 hours a day, ever since Tuesday night. It's bizarre, it's annoying... and it's kind of nice. I mean, I like sleep! But, I miss my social life, my friends. And now I have a bajillion pounds of homework (including my two ISU's of DOOM!!!) to catch up on. *sighs* Its crazy.

I plan to sleep through tomorrow as well. I'm going to force myself to school on Tuesday, though.

My marks are going down the drain. I'm an idiot. A lazy idiot. A sloth. I'm terrible.

But I've been reading leisurely again. And I like to read. Reading's nice. I've been reading Eli by Bill Myers, my favourite author. It's about a parallel universe where Jesus Christ hasn't come and died on the cross... Until now in the early 21st century. And his name is Eli Shephard. He wasn't born in Bethleham, he was born in the laundry room of a dirty Motel 6 in Santa Monica. He didn't walk on water, he walked through a tornado. It wasn't 5 loaves and two fishes to feed the 5000, it was two hamburgers and a side of fries!

This book is awesome and hilarious at the same time. It makes me want to become a Christian.. but, I already am! It makes Jesus so attractive, showing him to be a rebel against authority... yet sucumbing to the One True Authority, God. It's so utterly amazing! I'm loving this book!

But I still don't see the point of flip-flopping back to Julia in the other reality. In fact, those passages are somewhat getting on my nerves.

But whatever. The rest of the book is worth it!

Bill Myers, you rock!

And thousands of times more importantly... JESUS CHRIST, YOU KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Your servant in Christ,


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