Sunday, June 08, 2003

I still can't figure out where my old posts went. They're not in my archives no matter how hard I try to get them back, but they're still in Oddisms somewhere. When I search for them with my control panel, they're there! But when I go to the archives page... NOPE! It's very frustrating.

You know what else is frustrating? MY ISUs! I hate them! Grr!
I hate homework. I'm going to die. Really. Seriously. I mean it. Grr.

Oh yeah, Ghislain has been gettin' busy with my oekaki board. He even drew a picture of "The Frink" like I asked. Hehehe. Thanks, Ghis. You should all go look. It's quite amusing. And while you're there, why not draw a little something yourself? Really, as far as I know, Ghislain and Holly are the only ones who read this, but I'm sure there are a bunch of you amusing anonymous internet people out there, reading my posts and either interested or annoyed with me.

I had more interesting dreams as of late. After my work's all caught up, I'll try to recount them to the best of my memory here. This morning, I had one involving myself and the X-Men in a jailbreak of sorts... The morning before I had two amusing ones. The first involving Ephraim and the movie theatre, the second involving... a whole bunch of stuff! Like a foldable grand piano (what the !??) and an amusing guy carrying the first 30 Berenstein Bears books and some Jem and the Rockers books with him at all times! So, yeah! Quite interesting stuff to be told!

Life has been hitting me hard lately... I think Satan is out to get me, especially since I've been reading my Bible a lot more recently. Ever since I came back from Energizer. The next day after I came back, he hits me with those two REJECT letters from the Universities... And then a week later, I'm sick for two weeks straight and can't concentrate on schoolwork at all. Now there's only about a week and a half left, before exams, then I'm done highschool forever! Unless, I fail of course.


Dear Lord, I ask that you give me patience, initiative, motivation, focus, drive, courage, and strength 'til school is out. Without Your help, I won't get through it.

I really need to pull myself together.

And my parents aren't helping. More like DISCOURAGING me from everything. "You're gonna lose your year! You won't make it through University! This is why we don't want to pay for you!" Satan is really adamant about attacking me right now. It is NOT cool. I don't like being attacked. I pray that God will continue to watch over me, and help me overcome this terribly stressful time.

Oh yeah, and I missed Prom, which is perfectly fine by me. I went last year, and it wasn't all that great. But I would have liked to have seen Steve and Jill together (soooo cute!), Brock in an RCMP uniform, and Colin in a kilt... AGAIN. Hehe. That guy's got nice legs. ^^
*shrugs* Oh well. I spent that night among friends watching a movie and drinking plenty of iced-tea, so it's all good.

God bless you all! ^_^


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