Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Wow. It's been two weeks and Google STILL doesn't know anything about me yet.
"Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about christine laskowski yet." Wow. I wonder if it knows anything more about my internet identity? Let's find out...

Oh! Check it out!!

Here are the results!

anime canuck is

So I guess that means that I exist, but only on the web. I wonder if this is like the Matrix? Are we somehow in something like this? Have I been sucked into the world of machines? Or maybe it's like what Cereal Killer said in Hackers.... "We are nameless"... Maybe it's like The 13th Floor, and we don't think we're in a Matrix-like thing because they let us watch the movie, and make our own within it.

Maybe none of us really exist. Maybe we're all some kind of silly amusing game for God to watch.

Maybe we're only in God's imagination.

*raises an eyebrow*

All those theories are fun and all, but I don't believe any of them. I really DO believe in God. He rocks, and it's evident that He lives everyday. All the time I see His AWESOME works... Man... It's hard to grasp... Thinking about God gives me a headache sometimes... Our bodies weren't made capable to understand. I wonder if we'll be able to understand Him with our new, perfect bodies we're going to get in heaven.


All very interesting things to think about. Maybe sometime soon I'll post up a bit of my conversation about this that I had with Chris-kun. I want to make sure I get his permission, first.

Speaking of Chris's... It's been a long time since I've talked to Gillikin. Too long. I wonder if he has put anymore of his wonderful book up online... Mira of Oz. Hmm... Well, apparently not, but he does have the first 12 chapters up... and 'tis an excellent story. You should go read it. *nods*

I don't know if I want to continue with this blog. I like it, it's fun and everything.... but I'm not sure.


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