Saturday, August 30, 2003


HEE hehehe!

Guess what?

I'm actually tremendously excited about going back to school. In fact, I'll think I'll be going there tomorrow, even though tomorrow is a Sunday.

Why? Because.... it's WINDSOR WELCOME WEEK! (which is basically the "nice" way of saying Frosh Week)

I'll be able to get free food almost everyday! And some free stuff, too. There's also a concert NEXT Sunday! (not tomorrow, the week AFTER that.) Hurrah!!

And class starts on Thursday. But I made my schedule so I only have one class in the morning on Thursdays, and NONE on Fridays, so I only have ONE CLASS ALL WEEK!!!


I'm also really excited for my "Refiner's Fire" class, a creative writing class probably similar to my OAC Writer's Craft. First year is going to rule!!!! Well, at least first semester. And I plan to join the Anime Club... (called Windsor Anime Institute... or "WAI!" for short! Now is that a witty name or what? HUZZAH!!!) and I'm going to take Kung Fu! I'll be like Neo! And know... Kung Fu!

Check out my profs at !
Gervais - He's my Refiner's Fire prof. Woohoo!

And.. the rest I don't know yet.

So.. That's it for now!

Whoa... I just spent... I dunno.. 10 minutes or so explaining this picture I saw in my head to Ghislain.. And he's going to draw it now. Apparently.

Well, see ya!



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