Thursday, September 25, 2003


Guess what?

I've just joined another art site. This one's the COOLEST EVER! It has EVERYTHING! Even photography!!!!! (and even porn... ew. I'm not into that.) If you have a problem with that kind of thing, go check out and click on "Save the Kittens".

Anyways, my new art site is here: and I'll be updating it randomly, so be sure to check it out and check it out often!

Also, I BOUGHT MYSELF A DIGITAL CAMERA!! It's a really nifty HP camera with a 4x digital zoom (no optic zoom.. boo!) and has 2.1 megapixel resolution! YAY! You can see a photo I took up at my DeviantArt gallery.

Some more news: Tomorrow I leave for Re-Energizer! My friends and I are camping up at Lake Simcoe as a Youth Group. I hope to see my friends Liza and Jeremy again. YAY! ^_^

I'm so excited! But... I have lots of stuff to do before I go... Like packing, doing laundry, writing my assignment and printing it out, handing it in tomorrow... Whoa! And sometime I have to sleep too.

In about a half-hour, Ghislain should be online.. and then I'll be chatting with him. More distractions!

I've just been super tired all day, because I was at my Uni for over 12 hours yesterday... And I had my FIRST EVER Kung Fu class. That's right! I'm taking Wing Chun Kung Fu. That's the same style you see Bruce Lee use in all his movies!

Nothing much else to say, 'cept I LOVE JESUS!!



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