Thursday, October 09, 2003

Re-Energizer was great. While I was there, I realized that even though I'm already saved by the grace of God, I STILL NEED HIM!

Well, duh! Right? But... apparently somehow I was getting too proud with myself when it came to my faith and how I'd been "proclaiming" it around recently. Satan was twisting my thoughts to suit his needs, trying to make me lose sight of God, thinking those stupid things. I can't believe I fell into that stupid trap... but now that I have, I'm more aware of it for next time. I still have rage in my life, it's a big part of me, and I still need God to work in my life to get it out of me. Until I go to heaven, it'll always be a part of me, so God has to be there to take it's place. I realise that now, but it's still hard.

It was a tough lesson to learn, through a lot of tears... Not to mention a broken ketchup bottle.

I'm still updating my new gallery at Deviant Art, so if you haven't checked it out already you should. I've got some neat pictures of the moon, some I drew, and even a self portrait I took with my digital camera!

Now, I know today's Oddism hasn't really been very odd... and that's why I shall leave you with this link to The Badgers.

God bless!


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