Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I dreamt I was a Unicorn.


I'm not typing that whole thing up again. It was so well-written... and long, and beautiful. And it took me 2 hours to type up. That's how much detail was in it. DAMN BLOGGER!

Okay... well...

Basically, I dreamt I was part-unicorn. There was all sorts of neat things in it. I don't think I'll forget the dream anymore, now that I've typed the whole thing down. And I read minds at one bit...

Then when it was over, I talked about how it would be a really cool comic... I'd call it either "I Dreamt I Was a Unicorn" or "Unicorn Hunter"... then decided upon both.

There was the prospect of the Unicorn Hunter being traumatized by haunting rape dreams because of the one "bad seed" male Unicorn in the past... Genetics and two-become-one from sex and all of that. Last time I used the word "intercourse".

STUPID DISAPPEARING ACT... Not keeping what I had typed when I hit the back button!

It was a beautiful fantasy, a horrible mystery, an adventure, a sci-fi (sort of). It would have adult/mature themes... Maybe even bad images (though I doubt I'd draw those).


My dream started with archery, and ended with archery. It had some holes in it, from waking up and falling asleep.

Some main principles were:
"Do you ever feel more exhausted after waking from a dream then before you went to sleep?"
"How often do you dream?"
"How well do you remember your dreams?"
"Do you feel like you have more control dreaming than in your life when you're awake?"

Unicorn genetics:
Started fair/pale-skinned with large, glamourous horns, as each generation gets tainted with more and more human blood, skin becomes warmer toned and has more colour and horns become shorter and more dull. Last few in the picture were stubs. I just had a bump. It felt like part of my forehead bone. It was barely noticeable.

My friend in my dream was a guy with dark floppy hair and a nice smile, and a brown leather jacket (like Scott's "Wolverine" one). He joked and still believed in me.

And that is my quick crappy-run-down of my totally amazing dream which was totally enjoyable and made SO MUCH SENSE... I wrote it down so nicely the first time too. Well, this time I only spent 10 minutes typing this up.. but ... Damn... I wish it would have posted or I was smart enough to COPY the entire thing before hitting "post"... 2 hours or more of work gone to waste!
I even spoke of the "dualist theory" a bit.


Oh well.

Thankyou, Lord, for that beautiful dream, and please don't ever let me forget it or the ideas for a comic that arose from it.



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