Thursday, December 16, 2004



Oh yeah... And the guy who was my friend in the dream... It wasn't Alex, it wasn't Ephraim, and it wasn't Shawn Hunter either... He was some sort of mix of the three, perhaps even what I think my old friend from Kindergarten would look like now. All I really remember about him was that he had brown hair, and his birthday was October 9th but he was due on the 10th, the exact opposite of me... And he had a yellow Dick Tracy lunch box and we told jokes all the time. I think that was in Senior Kindergarten. The guy in my dream had really dark brown hair, a nice smile, and a joking demeanor.

Hmm... I wonder if that kid is still out there somewhere. He'd be 20 right now... just like me.


Last night I told Alex this while he was lying in his bed, in addition to a quick rundown of yesterday's dream. I like to reminisce. I miss my childhood, and my childhood friends. Alex thinks I should grow up, but I think I've grown up enough. I just want my own apartment and a driver's licensce.

I love Alex... ^^


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