Sunday, March 12, 2006

Heart of a Lion, Wings of a Bat
Because it's Midnight!

So a lot of changes are going on around me right now... Well not really actually. I'm trying to MAKE changes. I'm working towards moving out this August or September... but I'm not sure if it's going to happen or not. I'm emotionally ready - I have been for YEARS. I'm CLOSE to financially ready, but... therein lies the problem. I'm only close to being financially ready. I might not make the cut.

And speaking of changes, I've noticed a few in myself. I've come to realise that I like to have a good cry at a movie. That's right, I'm a girl who likes to cry. And I find, that crying isn't only for sadness. I feel that you cry when there's just no other way to express yourself. You can cry if your happy, sad, overjoyed, in pain, or just laughing too hard. Somehow, when I said this outloud to myself earlier, it was much more poetical, and it sounded like some kind of an amazing epiphany. Now I just sound like I'm rambling on...

My dreams haven't gotten any more or less interesting lately. The latest one I can remember, Alex and I were actually IN the world of Warcraft (that's right... I've started playing WoW - I'm a level 13 mage currently, named Lekaiya on the Eitragg USA server). We were both ourselves but had the powers of our characters. I remember I was trying to polymorph a wolf in the gym into a sheep, but it instead turned into some kind of little demon shark, then something else, and then a giant alligator... and it was because it had some kind of counter-polymorph spell of it's own. When I had finally killed it off, my friends said "Thanks for the help, Christine," all sarcastic-like. There were 6 wolves in the gym, they were fending off the other five while I was busy with the one.

Earlier in the dream when we were discovering a short catacomb-ish library, they said the same thing, after I entered too late into a room in which it looked like The Cheat had exploded, if The Cheat also had feathers in addition to fur. Blood was on at least one of the walls. "Thanks for the help, Christine."

Then after the run-in with the wolves, I went to help my mom gather breakfast from the... food... court - plenty of buns and pastries and donut-like things - meant to be the first course. That's right, this was to be some kind of amazingly huge and European 5-course breakfast. We were supposed to have Ham and Cheese later, as well. Anyways, on the way back, I see the FAERE (or FAIR or however WoW spells it) that only comes to town once a year. After reading so much about it, I was really psyched... so as soon as we get back to sit down to breakfast with Alex and my dad, I start ranting to Alex about it. I shove a pastry down my mouth and then say something like "We have to go! You have to come!" and grab Alex by the wrist and RUN OFF in that direction. Shortly after arriving I woke up.

So, I had to check to see if that Faere was there by Elywnn Forest online. Yeah, I'm a dork... ^_^;; But I've had dreams and predictions come true before - on TV. Yeah... It's like the people over in Hollywood or at the Networks have a tap on my brain and they use my ideas. I've had this theory for OH... 5 years or more now. It's probably not true, but it IS entirely strange and has been happenning at least since I was 10 years old. That's about 11 and a half years.

It could be true.

I should get paid for all the millions I've made North American producers! *cough cough hack*


Blogger La luce che to dai said...

This is Colleen. I hope I get better soon too. I was thrilled to bits when you posted a comment on my blog!
I need to find something warm and comforting to eat now.

1:19 p.m.  
Blogger AnimeCanuck said...

Something warm and comforting - Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup always makes me feel better when I'm sick.

5:13 p.m.  

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