Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dream Within a Dream With Samuel L. Jackson

Okay, so I'm dreaming.

I'm staying over for the night at my friend Jill's new house. Maybe this is actually HER house, after she's married to Steve? I'm not sure. I don't remember the feeling, except it was Jill's. Her house looks oddly familiar... like I house I remember from a dream... In that house was a secret room filled with magical toys and fun and wonderful memories and imagination. All sorts of good things. The secret room was through a tiny door, not much larger than a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 foot square. This square, or a similar one, seemed to be behind a bunch of books, and video game systems that Jill had. I told Jill how excited I was to check and see if she had the "secret door" and she got kind of excited too, and told me we'd go look later after dinner...

Then I guess it fast forwarded to my dream within the dream, it was after dinner and we must have went to bed. I was at some kind of fancy restauraunt, where the floor was about 4 to 5 feet up from the sidewalk outside, and there was kind of a weird angular jutting out from below the window, so I had to duck under the pane of glass to get outside and stand on the jutting floor. I remember lots of deep wood colours. And I saw some famous actor. I no longer remember who it was. It was someone I liked in a movie, but it wasn't someone incredibly important, I guess. I got their autograph civilly, and thanked them... then I went back inside. I started talking to someone... (my sister? Holly? people who worked for the restauraunt?) Then I glanced over and said something like "I wonder who's outside now..." And I looked, and I saw Samuel L. Jackson. So I was like... "Oh, it's just Samuel L. Jackson"... But then I got this great idea, and said "Oh, where's a business card when you need one... I should make business cards... Damn!" and I grabbed a scrap of paper and wrote on it as I ducked under the glass once more.

Samuel L. Jackson was about to leave, he had just turned away and had taken a step when I got outside. "Wait! Mr. Jackson!" I said boldly. He turned around with his publicist (I have to assume that's what she was - it feels right in the context). "I'm a serious actor having trouble finding an agent... Will you help me? Can you pass my name around, or tell me who your agent is or something?... Please?" I handed out the small scrap of paper with my name and number scrawled on it and a few key points about myself (height... eye colour). Samuel had a very serious look on his eye, and he smiled as he said something like "I'll do you one better," and pulled out his business card, and wrote the name of an agency and the number on the back. The number had a 2 digit area code on it... which was weird and memorable. And then his publicist said "Here." She handed me something on pink magazine paper about 8x5, that unfolded to almost 24x5. Written on the inside in pencil, she had detailed to me loads of advice, saying that with my shaggy sandy brown/dirty blonde hair (although my hair is brown, and was so in the dream, even though it may have been a bit lighter of a brown than it actually is) that I would do best to go forward with a "Beachy girl" look. Taped to the inside was a photograph of a nice tropical beach with a palm tree... and there was more writing, and more really good advice... all written in pencil. "There was no way she could have written this all herself in this short amount of time... is there?" I thanked them very graciously... and then I went inside again to pour over the advice... "I should be a beachy girl.... huh..." And then I noticed that not only was there advice, but the publicists name, office, and number, as well as a photographer's information to get headshots, and a few more talent agencies! I was so excited!!! ...

I woke up.

I was inside Jill or Holly's bedroom, with my sister, Jill, and Holly. We were in Jill's house. Pam and Jill went to go shower or make breakfast or something... and Holly listened while I basically told her my dream... and tried to write down what was on the card from Samuel L. Jackson, as well as the publicist's and photographers number. I guess I was trying soo hard to see the images visually in my mind, that I fell back asleep, and somehow I was in the dream again, pouring over the stuff just after going back inside. Someone else was there this time, (I think my mom) and she was asking me if I would take it seriously... and if I did I should do something about it right away... I tried to focus back onto the pink magazine paper and the business card....

I woke up.

Holly was standing over me as I was sitting on the bed with my head nodded all the way down. "I've got it!" I began writing quickly as I bent over, still seeing the pictures on my mind... "Holly, can you write what I'm writing too incase I'm only writing it in my dream again?" She said sure, and sat down behind me on the bed, and started writing. I remember I got the number from the back of Samuel's card right, and the name of the company (which I now believe to have started with a D or W)... and some of the advice (but less than half) from the slip of magazine paper. I don't know if I was nodding off or writing it for real or not... but when I was done, I got up and thanked Holly, and said "I really need to get some headshots, fast! And I should probably make some business cards too."

The both of us went over to the kitchen/living room area (it's kind of open concept, with a nice, light, pine wood floor) and saw Jill serving breakfast to Pam. I told them the basis of the dream "Samuel L. Jackson gave me his talent agent's number in a dream! And I remember it!" and then we all ate our omelettes happily. Then I saw a line of toys walking on the nice wood floor on the other side of the room... One after the other. I told Jill "Hey, we still haven't checked for that secret room!" She kind of pricked up, and got excited, but she wasn't as enthusiastic as last night.

I guess some time passed, and we were going to play videogames in Jill's room, and it was on the side across from her entertainment stand where she had books piled up on a shelf, with old systems like the Sega Genesis balanced precariously atop the books. She told me that she sort of noticed where it was last night, and she didn't think we'd be able to fit through it, plus it'd be a hassle to move all the stuff off the top of the shelf. But we started moving the consoles.

And then either this was a separate dream, or it fast forwarded again to doing something with a theatre group, and they were done the play for the season. They were all tired and were going to discuss their success and losses with the show in part of a kitchen through some kind of a tiny side hallway. Pam and I followed them, and the large woman in charge sighed, saying something to the extent of "normally we wouldn't let someone come in, we're just tired around Christmas and want to get this done quick..." I had a flash of a memory of actively taking part in this sort of thing with this theatre group of directors and producers before, asking all sorts of questions. "I'll just sit quietly and observe, I promise". They served dried buns and dried rye bread... and I buttered the slice of bread with margerine and began to eat it.... it tasted good... and then I woke up for REAL.

I do remember at one point, actually playing some kind of cool video game (perhaps Mario specifically) with Jill, Pam, and Holly at Jill's place. That was probably before I fell asleep the first night. But anyways... I was really surprised by this dream. I think in some ways, it might be a sign. Perhaps I don't have a "real job" right now because I'm supposed to continue to pursue my Acting career right now. Now is the time for me to get headshots taken and look for an agent, perhaps? I was so excited recently for 2 more acting gigs at the University... but I haven't heard back yet from the one that would have paid $9/h to be a patient for the Nursing students. And the other is an open audition, so I only need to show up with a monologue... I was thinking of doing my part from Psycho Beach Party again, because I really know the character inside and out from being in the play with Jeff Marontate and Korda.

But seriously, I'm not sure what to make of this. If this was some kind of sign... why was it so blatantly obvious? At the same time, when I ask God for advice, I ask him to make it blatantly obvious so I get it... Well then... maybe I should get a beachy makeover and seriously get my headshots taken in the near future? Maybe I need to start SERIOUSLY hunting for a talent agent now? I know that as soon as I'm done posting this, I'll be searching for "Samuel L. Jackson + Talent Agent" on google...


I'm... I'm... Excited! But... Kind of confused. I wonder what others would make of this. Wouldn't it be cool to work with Samuel L. Jackson, though? Or Morgan Freeman, or Lawrence Fishburne, or Robin Williams, or Jim Carrey, or Drew Barrymore, or Kirsten Dundst, or Julia Roberts... or even Keanu Reeves because he's just so funny?

I really need to get to work making my professional acting resume webpage... and I need headshots for it and a few other good every day pictures of me.


Like... seriously? What do I do?! I think business cards are also an idea. If I would have had one to hand out to the Slice Studios when I was at the wedding show.... well... I still need to get in touch with him. I have so many opportunities being thrown at me right now, although it seems like I'm getting none of them. It's really frustrating, kind of. Honestly... WHERE do I go from HERE?!


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