Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I can't believe this is happening... well, actually I can. It all started when Metallica sued a teenager for his ingenious creation of Napster. Ever since, the music industry hasn't been the same.

What am I talking about here? I'm talking about the music industry trying to shut down independent internet radio stations by imposing an over-priced licensing fee, when traditional FM/AM radios pay no fee at all to broadcast music. I believe this is completely ridiculous!

Now, while I don't listen to much radio, I do listen to internet radio, namely Japan-a-Radio, a free station with minimal commercial support which runs largely on fan donations.

I'm not sure how this will effect Canada, but generally, when the United States does something, Canada is soon to follow. I TRULY hope that this is not the case when it comes to my beloved internet radio - the only problem is Japanaradio is based in the U.S. of A... So I may very well see my favourite station go if the bills and such do get passed.

PLEASE, everyone, take action!

For more information, congress phone numbers, banners, and interesting debate, please check out SAVENETRADIO.ORG.

I highly reccomend reading the following debate, as well: Save Net Radio - by Ian Rogers

If you love music, listen to internet radio, or just hate the lack of variety played on mainstream local stations, PLEASE take action NOW!


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