Monday, November 02, 2009

Gamer Girl or Casual Gamer

Today while reading my weekly selective digest of Kotaku I came across an article linking to Lisa's post about the rarity of gamer girls.

And it got me thinking. Am I just a casual gamer? Or am I a true gamer girl? Here's my case file (not in it's entirety... feel free to ask me any questions).

I guess that makes me a "gamer girl" even though I've always considered myself to be a casual gamer (just because of how infrequently I pick up a controller... however, my DS has rarely been out of my hands in the last month). I think I personally sit somewhere on the fence between "casual gamer" and a "hardcore gamer" girl.

I am a whore for Squaresoft. I have Final Fantasy 4 through 12 (skipping 6 and 11, because 11 doesn't count) and have played through most of them.(I also have 1 and 2 if emulator counts.) I know the stories for RE 1, 2, and 4... I wanted to continue playing Obscure with the guys when they rented it, because of how weird it was. Come on, a game where when one character dies, they're just DEAD and you can't perform whatever their one special ability was anymore? Frustrating? HELL YES! Interesting! ALSO YES. I've played through X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends 2. I often break-out "singing" themes from Mario 3 and Super Mario World randomly, and occasionally the theme from Tetris (which is currently elluding me because your post put me on the spot, and it's seriously irking me right now that I can't recall it!). I've leant my voice to videogame parody Flash cartoons! I moved from the courtesy desk to Electronics at work so I could be closer to my friends behind the glass... I thought Scribblenauts looked stupid when it was new on the shelf, so I looked it up, researched it, thought it was hilarious and bought it later that week, and am loving the frustrating game.

I play in a tabletop RPG in which MY FRIENDS AND I WERE SUCKED INTO THE WORLD OF VIDEOGAMES much like Captain N in the amazing Nintendo-sponsored/produced cartoon from the late 80's! While I don't know half the references in the game, playing it is a learning experience which makes me want to play more video games than I have in the past - titles that I've overlooked before.

I have emulators for older systems that I didn't get to grow up with as a child, and strange poorly-translated-into-English roms for some only-in-Japan games.

My favourite genres of games are Turn-based RPGs (non-turn-based ones such as the Dragon Quest series drive me nutty, even when they have great stories, they're just so annoying to play!), Puzzle Games (PuyoPop Fever for the GC, anyone?), and Driving games (Burnout 3: Takedown is better than Burnout 4: Revenge. Believe it).

I'm fairly terrible at Guitar Hero, but I can teach myself a REAL song on a REAL guitar in 20 minutes.

Am I a gamer girl, or a casual gamer?


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