Thursday, May 06, 2010

Exciting Things

A few days ago a wonderous thing happened that opened up a portal to a whole new universe of possibilities.

My copy of Adobe CS4 Production Premium came in the mail.

With it I am armed with eight plus amazing editing software programs, and I can do anything.

I have five or six AMVs that I've thought up to do... I have one of my own songs to do a music video for (I need to finish writing the rap section of the song, first). I have a movie trailer to parody...

And I have a whole universe of untapped ideas and projects inside my head.

I can finally attempt to animate an old short story of mine from highschool in Flash.

I'm making a new production house name and logo - hopefully with a website to follow. For 60 bucks to own the domain name, I might just do it.

Quaquaversal Entertainment. Entertainment from all sides. Because, that's what I'm all about. I'm ecclectic and will stop at nothing to create amusement for myself and others.

And I'm also going to be reading for two audio books (and getting paid, like a real job! Huzzah!!!) starting... well, it was supposed to be this week, so probably next week some time? We're probably all waiting for the contracts to be finalized.

With both of these things combined, I'm THAT much closer to achieving my professional career. With my foot in one door, and my hand on the camcorder, I'll be unstoppable... Especially if I actually go study at The Second City at some point...

... In fact... Technically, because of this job, my career IS STARTING.

I'd prefer to move it into voice acting for animes and even moreso to actually being on screen in sci-fi and comedies whether they be for TV or the movies (TV preferred, I think...)... But... It's the beginning. It's a natural stepping stone, a stone that's at the beginning of my chosen path. I have finally found that beginning.

And I am thankful.

I am also ESTATIC.


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