Monday, October 31, 2011

Beginnings and Frustrations

Many a thing has happened since I've writ here last. For one, I have moved again. I am no longer living in Windsor, place of my birth. Instead, I am residing in a modern slum in Toronto, living the dream of a starving artist.

I live in a box. This time for real. Some of my things are still in boxes, even though I moved into this bachelor apartment back in February. I have cockroaches and black mould, and half of a gorgeous view of downtown. I eat pasta, ramen, and frozen chicken, and can never be completely rid of my mountain of dirty dishes.

I am working two part-time jobs. One which I love and is hard on my feet, legs, and back. The other which stresses me out constantly and is hard on my already-deteriorating wrists. Even combined, it is not enough to afford where I am living now.

And best of all, I am making contacts and going to school at The Second City. I began the Conservatory program the last Monday in August, and it will continue until our Grad Show August 2012. I have joined nine men in pursuit of hilarity and entertaining other nerds, like myself. I am meeting amazing people in the Indie Video Game Developer scene. I am participating (for the second time!) in NaNoWriMo this year. I've even taken on mentoring!

So many opportunities are starting up for me, and doors are opening!!!

However... financial issues continue to get me down.

I can't let this burden crush me under it's weight or squash my dreams.

I will find an agent, and I will be on Saturday Night Live some day.

Just you watch...


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