Sunday, November 13, 2011

Condemned Beauty

For some reason, I've always found myself attracted to decaying architecture. Today was no different. I was drawn to this building, and inspired to take a photograph. There is just something about the torn, rotting wood, that I find absolutely captivating.

Perhaps it is the possibilities that it holds for revival and renewal.

Perhaps it is the history; the stories that could be told.

Perhaps it is because I feel sympathy for the building, sad, forgotten, and lonely - not unlike myself.

Perhaps it is because of the mystery it holds; the unknown goings on that might take place inside. A summoning circle, a séance, a drug deal, a squatter down on his luck, a door to another dimension, a hideout for kids to imagine adventures in - it could be all or none of these things. It may be home to a family of stray cats, birds, or bats. A vampire lurking in a coffin.

Perhaps it is the beauty of grunge. I have seen "dirty sexy" work its way into the media over the last decade or so. I find fascination in this "new" desire to make new things look old, worn, dirty. Distressed jeans, dirty hair care products, purposefully antiquing wooden furniture - these are the things that immediately come to mind.

Perhaps nothing.

It is each and every one of those things.

And I find it beautiful.


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