Thursday, May 22, 2003



Guess what?!

My best friend Ghislain (one of them; Holly and Fiona being my other best friends) sent me a Kuro-Neko plushie in the mail! It's soooooooooooo kyuuuuuuute!!!!!!! WAIIII!!!!!!! *glomps Ghis*. It's kinda funny, y'see, 'cause I told him not to get me one, but now I'm really glad he did, because it cheers me up!
Why does it cheer me up? Because I was REJECTED from BFA Acting at both Ryerson AND Windsor Universities, so now I don't have any school to go to in September. Well, I was pre-accepted into BA Drama, but I didn't apply for that and that program is pretty much the crappy "leftover" drama classes, for people who aren't really serious about it (which I am) like a highschool drama class. And that's pretty sucky. I highly doubt I will do that next year. I will probably work the whole year, or I might go to Germany. (Very doubtful, but we'll see if I can work that out.)

Anyways, yes... Even though at first I didn't want this gift, I'm very grateful for it and glad it came now, because it really puts me in higher spirits.

This is how it happened... Today, as soon as I returned home from school, my mom and sister were at the door leaving, writing me a note! So I had to quickly run in and drop off my backpack in the living room. As I did so, I noticed a square box on the couch addressed to me from Ghis, but I didn't have time to even touch it. 'I wonder what's in it,' I thought. Well, I almost totally forgot about it at the restaurant (we were going out for pizza to celebrate my Grandma's birthday... she's... 77 now? I think...?) but then suddenly while eating my third or fourth piece (I think I had 5), an idea suddenly struck me... 'What if it's that Trigun cat?!!' I became really excited and jumpy in my seat, a large smile spread across my face... 'I bet that's it! And even if it's not, it's nice to get a package from Ghislain!' So I was happy. About an hour later, I finally got home and opened it up while watching Friends... and sure enough... IT WAS THE KURO-NEKO!!!!! And a letter (of course) from Ghislain!!!!! WHEE!!!!! ^_^
It's sooooooo kyuuuuuute!!!!!!

It's kinda funny, it can't stand up right because it's head is so big; I have to prop it up with something an inch or so thick under it's front legs to keep it upright. Hee! ^^

But yeah, I'm really thankful and happy about it. Apparently, Ghislain sent it out to me on Tuesday May 20th, the very same night I received those two fateful letters... "REJECT!"


So Ghislain must have known somehow to send it out that very evening... Good intuition or something, I supose.

Not only that, but he bought one for himself as well, so it's like "best friends" neko plushies. On top of THAT, it's Ghislain WildCat who sent it... so it kinda has an extra ironic meaning as well!

Anyways, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!!! *glomps Ghislain yet again*

It's soo kyuuuuuute!

*huggles Ghislain*

I wonder if his Kuro-Neko has the same problem of toppling over because of it's large head? And I think it's eyes glow in the dark. I can't really tell for SURE yet... but I think they do. Interesting...


I really wish I would have gotten into at least Windsor for my BFA, though. I would have been really excited to get in and content there. *sighs*

But... I've got a KURO-NEKO!!!!! WAI!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and the retreat over the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) was absolutely terrific! I made some great new friends and had a blast, as well as went on the BEST "HIKE" EVER!!!!! (The reason "hike" is in quotations, is because it also involved quite a lot of rock-climbing, ^_^; But they told us it was a hike!!)

Yay!!! Best hike EVER!!!!! ^_^

Yeah, so... all of that's good. And I'm missing school on Monday and Tuesday. Yay! ^^

So.. That also cheers me up a bit too.

See you!! ^^

Thursday, May 15, 2003


I'm at my friend Holly's house on her computer. We're getting ready to go CAMPING tomorrow, and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!
Earlier today, I was doing some sort of kung-fu karate in my living room, that means I'm HYPED! (I did the same thing before each performance of Les Mis)


Um... Last night I wanted to mention this, and I was going to get all deep and philosophical about it somehow, but I don't remember. Oh well. CAMPING!
It's going to be lots of fun. I just hope we don't get that same cabin. It stunk like pee. The last people in there were kids, and you'd swear every single one of them made sure to wet the bed at least once. Not cool at all.
So I'm praying for a nicer cabin, and I'm praying for nice weather, which I think will happen. I'm also praying that no one will get hurt and that we'll all have a good fun time. And when I say ALL, I mean EVERYBODY THERE FROM ALL OVER ONTARIO!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah.. And it'll be nice to relax.
But, at the same time, I'm so dead. I'm still a total lazy idiot. My teacher, Mrs. Clark, circled that on my work that I handed in yesterday. It asked "Why do people procrastinate?" so I replied, "Personally, I procrastinate because I'm a lazy idiot." and I had a few other reasons too. But yeah... I'm teeeeeeeeeerribly lazy. I really need to break this habit. It's beginning to hit me hard this year. And next year, if I'm still this way, I'm going to DIE.

You know another thing that'll make me die?



Anyways, I gotta go now.

See ya!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


My monologues turned out fine. That was the easiest part of the audition, well, aside from the vocal warm-up. The movement warm-up was HELL though. Well.. Maybe not hell, but most certainly HECK.

And I feel sorry for Heck. He gets blamed for everything. "Stupid as Heck", "Crazy as Heck", "Ugly as Heck"... "Scary as Heck"... But then at the same time.. This says a lot about Heck. He seems to be extremely everything... And when you think about it that way, Heck sounds like a pretty cool guy. I'd like to meet him. He's gotta be the the most interesting person on Earth!

Anyways, I'm pretty sure my audition went well, and my shoulder no longer hurts from the vocal warm-ups that morning. My knee is still bruised from the movement, though. We had to do some sort of sideways-tumble-flip thing... and yeah.. both my left knee and one of my friend's left knees were sore afterwards. I need to get in shape if I'm going to be taking BFA Acting next year. Whether it be at Windsor, or at Ryerson. I still prefer Ryerson, though.

The vocal professor, Michael, was really cool. I'd love to have lots of classes with him. But the movement classes... they sound scary!!! *blink blinks*

Anyways.. Yeah.

I don't remember what I was going to say, but at least I said something.
So "YAY!" for that.

Oh yeah.. and don't forget to check my oekaki board every once in a while too, okay?

And go read Seasons of Constancy!!!!! It kicks BUTT!!!


Ja mata ne!

Thursday, May 08, 2003

I don't know my second monologue for my audition tomorrow!!!! Eeeep!
And I gotta go to bed soon so I can catch the bus to get there on time!

In one, I'm Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare's "Macbeth". The other, the one I don't know, is Nimuë from "The Last Enchantment".

Magic, it's magic! Stronger than any I could ever know. And you told me you had given it all to me. I should have known, I should have known. Ah, Merlin. Merlin!
It's you. It's really you. You've come back. It is magic. You must still be the greatest enchanter in all the world.
You had told me to learn all that you had to tell me. You had said that I must build on every detail of your life, that after your death I must be Merlin. And you were leaving me, slipping from me in sleep. I had to do it, hadn't I? Force the last of your power from you, even though with it I took the last of your strength? I did it by every means I knew - cajoled, stormed, threatened... gave you cordials and brought you back to answer me again and again - when what I should have done, had you been any other man, was to let you sleep, and go in peace. And because you were Merlin and no other man, you roused yourself in pain and answered me, and gave me all you had. So minute by minute I weakened you, when it seems to me now that I might have saved you...
Do you remember it when I hung about you and tormented you to your death like a spider sucking the life from a honey bee?
But then... even all the power and knowledge you had given me could not show me that we had buried you living, and bring me back to get you out. Merlin, I should have known. I should have known!!

YEaaaahhhhh.. I'm still trying to memorize it.
If I don't get in at either Ryerson OR Windsor for my BFA, I don't know what I'm going to do... ~_~