Saturday, June 28, 2003

Heh.. My first ever Flash animation was blammed. That's okay, it wasn't that good. It happened really fast, though. 0.22/5.00 in only 50 votes!

One person's review I found really funny.


Kind of amusing.

Oh well.

And I didn't get in at Best Buy. It's kind of dissappointing... that would have been such a great job! But... *sighs* Oh well, at least I didn't miss out on the job because I missed a phone call!

Thermalyte is supposed to be back up by 8pm EST time tomorrow. If it is... Yay!
It seems really unlikely, now, though. 'Cause I haven't done anything really on it, all week. (Meep!)

Listening to the Witch Hunter Robin soundtrack now.
It's got great music. *nods*

Ja ne!

Friday, June 27, 2003


All my archives are working again!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Now all my dreams are available!!!

Also, I've added a link (as you can see) to my email, and to Newgrounds, a nifty little place where you can watch many a flash animation, including "The Return of Ganondorf" (which I play Malon in) along with all of Legendary Frog's other wonderful movies!! (Such as Resident Evil: Flash Edition!!)



Tuesday, June 24, 2003

September 2002 and April 2002 archives are still missing.

I'm trying to fix that now. Grr! Crazy blog, losing my archives like that!
Oh! I forgot something important!

The "secret project" is up.

Go and watch The Return of Ganondorf now!
Don't forget to give it a 5 and review it when you're done!


Wow. It's been two weeks and Google STILL doesn't know anything about me yet.
"Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about christine laskowski yet." Wow. I wonder if it knows anything more about my internet identity? Let's find out...

Oh! Check it out!!

Here are the results!

anime canuck is

So I guess that means that I exist, but only on the web. I wonder if this is like the Matrix? Are we somehow in something like this? Have I been sucked into the world of machines? Or maybe it's like what Cereal Killer said in Hackers.... "We are nameless"... Maybe it's like The 13th Floor, and we don't think we're in a Matrix-like thing because they let us watch the movie, and make our own within it.

Maybe none of us really exist. Maybe we're all some kind of silly amusing game for God to watch.

Maybe we're only in God's imagination.

*raises an eyebrow*

All those theories are fun and all, but I don't believe any of them. I really DO believe in God. He rocks, and it's evident that He lives everyday. All the time I see His AWESOME works... Man... It's hard to grasp... Thinking about God gives me a headache sometimes... Our bodies weren't made capable to understand. I wonder if we'll be able to understand Him with our new, perfect bodies we're going to get in heaven.


All very interesting things to think about. Maybe sometime soon I'll post up a bit of my conversation about this that I had with Chris-kun. I want to make sure I get his permission, first.

Speaking of Chris's... It's been a long time since I've talked to Gillikin. Too long. I wonder if he has put anymore of his wonderful book up online... Mira of Oz. Hmm... Well, apparently not, but he does have the first 12 chapters up... and 'tis an excellent story. You should go read it. *nods*

I don't know if I want to continue with this blog. I like it, it's fun and everything.... but I'm not sure.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I wonder what's going on with googlisms. 4 months ago, both my names, Christine Laskowski and Anime Canuck, both brough up 10 different things each. Now, mind you, 2 or 3 of the Christine Laskowski lines were wrong, but ALL of the Anime Canuck references were actually about me. (the 2 or 3 wrong with my real name were wrong because they were about a Korean veteranarian or florist. Two professions of which I'm neither.) All in all, though, googlisms is a fun thing. And I know google sees bloggers. So I wonder if I babble on some random stuff about myself, will it show up there?

So here goes. Let's see. At the end of the week, I'll list my findings.

Christine Laskowski is insane!
Christine Laskowski is going to work her way through University this year.
Christine Laskowksi is friends with Steve Brown, who is the two.
(also, I wonder if that will make googlisms say that Steve Brown is the two. Currently it says Steve Brown is the one, but he can't logically be the one when Jesus Christ is. ^^)
Christine Laskowski is playing the voice of Malon in Legendary Frog's latest "secret project".
Christine Laskowski is clever.

I wonder just how clever these plants are?
We'll see at the end of the week.

Ja domo!

Monday, June 09, 2003

Oh my! I guess I never told you guys that I decided to accept the BA Honours Drama at University of Windsor, did I? More than that, I changed my major (right away!) to BA Honours Drama and Communication Studies, so I get the general drama stuff (no performance classes in first year, though... poo!) and Communication stuff, which is pretty much like media and film. And that makes me happy. Plus, I'll have a chance to go on exchange to JAPAN, to The International Christian University in Tokyo in my third year. Of course, I'm still going to be re-applying to both Windsor and Ryerson's BFA programs in the fall, in hopes of ACTUALLY GETTING ACCEPTED. I might re-apply to Ryerson's Film Studies program, but I'm debating that. (I REALLY WANT TO GET AWAY FROM MY HOUSE! And I really love Toronto, too!)

Sunday, June 08, 2003

I still can't figure out where my old posts went. They're not in my archives no matter how hard I try to get them back, but they're still in Oddisms somewhere. When I search for them with my control panel, they're there! But when I go to the archives page... NOPE! It's very frustrating.

You know what else is frustrating? MY ISUs! I hate them! Grr!
I hate homework. I'm going to die. Really. Seriously. I mean it. Grr.

Oh yeah, Ghislain has been gettin' busy with my oekaki board. He even drew a picture of "The Frink" like I asked. Hehehe. Thanks, Ghis. You should all go look. It's quite amusing. And while you're there, why not draw a little something yourself? Really, as far as I know, Ghislain and Holly are the only ones who read this, but I'm sure there are a bunch of you amusing anonymous internet people out there, reading my posts and either interested or annoyed with me.

I had more interesting dreams as of late. After my work's all caught up, I'll try to recount them to the best of my memory here. This morning, I had one involving myself and the X-Men in a jailbreak of sorts... The morning before I had two amusing ones. The first involving Ephraim and the movie theatre, the second involving... a whole bunch of stuff! Like a foldable grand piano (what the !??) and an amusing guy carrying the first 30 Berenstein Bears books and some Jem and the Rockers books with him at all times! So, yeah! Quite interesting stuff to be told!

Life has been hitting me hard lately... I think Satan is out to get me, especially since I've been reading my Bible a lot more recently. Ever since I came back from Energizer. The next day after I came back, he hits me with those two REJECT letters from the Universities... And then a week later, I'm sick for two weeks straight and can't concentrate on schoolwork at all. Now there's only about a week and a half left, before exams, then I'm done highschool forever! Unless, I fail of course.


Dear Lord, I ask that you give me patience, initiative, motivation, focus, drive, courage, and strength 'til school is out. Without Your help, I won't get through it.

I really need to pull myself together.

And my parents aren't helping. More like DISCOURAGING me from everything. "You're gonna lose your year! You won't make it through University! This is why we don't want to pay for you!" Satan is really adamant about attacking me right now. It is NOT cool. I don't like being attacked. I pray that God will continue to watch over me, and help me overcome this terribly stressful time.

Oh yeah, and I missed Prom, which is perfectly fine by me. I went last year, and it wasn't all that great. But I would have liked to have seen Steve and Jill together (soooo cute!), Brock in an RCMP uniform, and Colin in a kilt... AGAIN. Hehe. That guy's got nice legs. ^^
*shrugs* Oh well. I spent that night among friends watching a movie and drinking plenty of iced-tea, so it's all good.

God bless you all! ^_^

Friday, June 06, 2003

Here's something I tried to post yesterday, and a few times earlier today:

Weird. "Blogger Basic".... I've never used this before, so I hope it works. Especially since I'm here to share two dreams I had last night/this morning. Especially since the first is one of the COOLEST DREAMS EVER!

Well, I'll let YOU be the judge of that.

Okay, so the first dream, Holly, you'll like this. Heh. Steve and Ephraim probably will too. The Matrix: Re-filming!

It starts out with me walking through the hustle-bustle of some kind of fairground on a farm, heading towards a particular barn off to my right. It's a nice day, the sky is bright-deep blue, all is well. As I walk, I pass a few of my friends from school, like Max and Mick, and some girls that look vaguely familiar. I cross the little old paved road (just wide enough for one car to fit on it), jay-walking of course, 'cause a straight line is the quickest way from point A to point B. Now that I'm closing in on the fading red barn, I notice the large camera crews and the crane-operated camera, going through the right side of the barn (which is taken out completely). I walk around to the side and enter to see the inside looks exactly like the dojo from The Matrix, and seeing Keanu in dark clothes practicing his moves with a trainer. "Hey!" I smile. "I'm here!" (okay, I don't really remember the dialogue for most of the dream, but I'm doing my best to improv it the closest to how it probably was.) He turns around and gets all psyched-up, bouncing around like a kick-boxer. We're getting ready to do that whole "I know Kung-Fu" sequence. So standing 10 to 15 feet apart, we take up our starting battle poses. "I'm taking the place of Agent Smith," I'm thinking. (but really it was Morpheus' place I was taking, I just didn't realize it yet). Oh yeah, and I think Keanu was Neo. Not "The One" Neo within the Matrix, but like... that was his identity, his personality... sort of. But he was himself. And he seemed to be younger. Like 22. And I was my age. (18 1/2 for those who don't know me.) So we're taking our fighting stances... but we both can't seem to get them juuuuust right. We want to make sure they're conveying the right meaning and everything. "Let's go ask the sensei to make sure we're doing this right. I'm not sure about my exact hand and feet positions." So suddenly, we both just go. We run out the front (back from where I came at the beginning of my dream) of the barn and around the side with the crane and camera crew, to the back and back diagonally across the field of picnic-ing people lying out on the grass waiting for something to start, back diagonally across the small road, back past where Max and some guys from my school were barbecuing, and we found the Sensei near his lime green VW Beetle in the make-shift parking lot. Keanu asked for him to show us again, and he started saying "it's not as good to see a picture as to see it for real" or something like that. It sounded very wise. So then I came back with "Would you please, Sensei, do them yourself? We want to make sure we're getting the exact meaning." Somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm remembering about the "crouching pidgeon" move I made up in my head for an RPG I'm in on Playbyweb, in Chris-kun's game. So he shows us our poses now, and I'm sure we've got them, so we start running back the way we came to the set (aka, the barn), Sensei following at his own walking pace behind us. I get distracted on the way back though, seeing Ryan (Masotti) near the barbecues, he's all happy and all smiles and his crazy usual self, and that makes me happy so I say "hey" to him, and then he jumps around some more, more giddy than ever (about how giddy he was before each show of Les Mis). Then I start walking back across the road, my running obviously not still inspired, and I notice a guy standing on a short telephone pole (it's still about 10 feet high, though. At least 8) and he's holding a skateboard. So I look up to watch what he's doing. The people nearby start chanting. "Zoro-slav! Zoro-slav!" He does a trick or two on his skateboard ON the pole, and starts to tight-rope walk backwards, "Zoro-slav! Zoro-slav!" with his skateboard balanced on his head upside down. He was walking on the thick, black cable. In my head I'm thinking "I know Holly's here somewhere... Where is she? Zoro is here! She can meet him now! Where..." I turn and look towards the barn and I can see her lying down near the road, just up a small (but steep-ish) hill, after the cables veer off to the right (and towards the set). She's lying on or in a sleeping bag. It is now that I notice the large screen past the barn. It's like a Drive-In screen, but at least 3 times larger. Everybody must be here to watch something on that screen... I turn back around to see where Zoro is, and he's just coming up the crest of the hill on rollerblades, carrying his skateboard under his arm. (don't ask. This didn't seem odd to me in the dream, just don't ask). He can't make it up the hill, he's just about to roll back down backwards, so I reach out and grab his hand, then pull him in using both my arms (and both of his), my feet firmly gripping the old asphalt. So I pull him up, and use this opportunity to swing him around and "drag" him to where Holly is. By the way, Holly, since you'd wanna know, in my dream, you had your NATURAL brown hair colour, and Zoro had dark-ish curlyish/wavy brown hair, cut pretty short. He also had on a baseball cap backwards, a T-shirt, a leather sports jacket, a silver hoop earing near the top of his left ear, those long baggy shorts (I think they were black jeans), white socks that had fallen down, and greyish dirty white and black running shoes (which looked really comfy). "Zoro, this is Holly," Zoro looks kinda shocked that I know his name, and is wondering why a stranger is introducing him to a stranger.. "Holly, this is the guy you've been chatting with on MSN for a long time, Zoro." At the mention of "chatting", Zoro's eyes light RIGHT UP (they're BLUE!) and he has this look of recognition and "WOW! That's HER! I'm finally meeting Holly!" on his face. He seems really happy and excited. He extends his left hand down to Holly to shake and introduce himself properly, Holly gives me this weird look at first, but then smiles. I get her brainwave. It's "thanks". I leave them to themselves and run back to the barn, where I'm supposed to be shooting the dojo scene! "See ya!"
So now I'm back in the dojo (barn), and Keanu and I have our gi's on. Except his is dark and mine is light (opposite from the movie *shrugs*) He looks sooooo cute. Anyways, we start doing all our crazy fighting. And actually, we're doing it without any wires or anything. We can see the crazy sped-up effects with our own eyes while we're exchanging blocks. It was funny and amusing. I was so excited. And I'm just about to do that really cool jump Morpheus does when I think someone yells cut. We don't hear it, but we know it's break time. So, we stop, walk to each other in the middle, smile and hug. Sorta like at the end of sports games you line up and say "good game" it was like we were congratulating each other for our good acting and Kung-Fu skills. It was cool. Leaving that set and walking back over to where the caterers were (I guess that's what Max, Mick and Ryan were doing with the barbecue), I see Laurence Fishburne from behind, and just KNOW it's him. (this is why I still think I'm Agent Smith, I guess. I mean, I'm ME, but I'm me acting a character taking the place of Agent Smith or something like that.) Now we're suddenly inside in a dim hallway (it's dim 'cause we just came inside), in line to get our food, I see Hugo Weaving a few people ahead of me. Holly has now joined me in line. Hugo's dressed EXACTLY like Agent Smith, except he's got that little ponytail (that you see in Revisited). Apparently, my hair was done the same way, and had little white butterflyclips/barrettes in it to keep the ponytail up, so I start taking them out... there's over 20 in my hair somehow! I don't know how they all fit. But I give them to Holly and she puts them in her purse or something. That is when I figure out I must have been replacing Morpheus, and not Agent Smith. Or maybe I'm some new character. I don't get it. Suddenly now I've got my food, inside a slightly brighter room (eyes adjusting, I guess), I'm eating lunch on a styrofoam plate, back slumped against a wall, Megan Bower to my left, (she's standing) complaining about having to go to some stupid dance. Apparently this room we're in is the stupid dance, with dorky waltz music. I agree, and say that even the Thenardier's song from Les Mis was a better waltz to dance to. Holly and Zoro don't care, they start waltzing away, off away from us into the main crowd of people. I finish eating in a hurry, and decide to go off somewhere else. I leave, walking around the lot, it's dusk, and enter another barn on the lot, this one is apparently a grocery store of some kind. Lots of cereal boxes stacked up just behind some guys sitting around and on the check-out stands. One guy with dirty blond hair without his pants on. Just some white boxers with little red hearts on it. I look up to see his light brown suede pants hanging to dry on a line above him and slightly to my left (his right). "So what's up?" Basically I remember I made some small-talk with these guys, especially Nick, and Nick was the director of our movie. (The Matrix? *tilts head* Yeah. I think so.) Then the guys got into talking about chaos and anarchy and that this stuff was here for us to do whatever we wanted with it. (all these guys were my age.. at least 16-20 years old. I think Nick was 19) So we started opening cereal boxes and mixing them together with our hands, and closing them back up. Lucky Charms with Fruit Loops and Honey Bunches of Oats, and Count Chocula with some kind of green-parot marshmallow cereal, and other ones created by my imagination. The weird thing was all the boxes were white with red printing on them, the labels all the same, (except for the fruit loops and Frosted Flakes), just the titles were different. After doing this for oh... 2 to 5 minutes, I get bored and realize how stupid what I'm doing is. So I decide to leave. I'm walking out in the dark now, dark black slightly-blue sky with white stars here and there. No clouds, but I don't notice a moon. The next thing I know I slowly, almost creeping, enter a barn just filled with loose hay. And there is Keanu/Neo. He's just thinking about things. So I sit, and we end up lying down, heads together, just talking and thinking about things, both of us almost in fetal positions. On the soft, soft hay. And we're both still in our gis. (this is the first time where my dream goes from my point of view to a camera angle, but I'm still me, I'm not having an out-of-body experience or anything). There we are, sort of in an upside-down V shape, facing each other and talking the night away in the warm hay. We have so much in common... Mmm... The "camera" starts pedastaling up and zooming out, really slowly, and turning around (like we're on a turn table) us, and I wake up.
(edit on June 7th: Later in my room I remembered that Neo/Keanu was practicing fighting with a light-brown wood staff I think the second time I entered the dojo set. I believe he was practicing for the crazy Agent Smith scene from Revolutions, you know, the one with the lamp-post? ^_^)

Dream 2! I'm in Australia!
This dream was considerably shorter!

I'm in a field near (far actually, but on the same lot) a barn or something. There's tall stalks of corn, they're all green plants though, no corn on 'em yet. The sky is light blue with nice white puffy clouds here and there. I see a house being put up in the distance, and there's a young boy with me (maybe the "I Was A Rat" kid?) I turn around and notice I'm on the edge of a long, curving, pitch-black ashphalt road. It is now that I remember and/or suddenly realize I'm in Australia. Not just Australia, but the city that Chris-kun lives in. Not Melbourne… the other one. (Victor Harbour, but I didn’t remember the name in my dream, I just KNEW I was there.) So I start off running quickly (I think I’m wearing sandals… ‘cause I didn’t have bare feet, but I could FEEL the pavement, and somewhere in the back of my mind I was concerned with the heat rising up from the ashphalt) The boy is quickly padding along behind me, then passes me on my right, then in front of me as we continue ‘round the bend. (it’s bending to the right). Both sides are still edge to edge with high corn stalks, and now on the left it’s wheat or some kind of grain. Now it opens up, and the ashphalt turns to sidewalk, and I’m on a suburban road. I recognize the area, I know I’m very near Chris’s house now. And now I’m joined by my sister. (where did she come from?) I recognize the local shops, but not down the road, where the street sudenly stops, and you have to go either right or left (there’s a building there). So we cross the first light. Then the second.. Then I think I’ve gone too far. (while crossing the second light, I realize that this is where I’ve been the whole time while I’ve been “sick”. And no wonder my parents are mad at me for faking being sick and not going to school, but going to visit Chris instead! Apparently we’re there on vacation or something… but *shrugs* and my parents are mad at me but I’m beginning not to care. Somehow this coincides with my real life, but in real life, I’m REALLY sick! Anyways…) So we’ve crossed the second light and begin jaywalking across the street (straight across though) and I realize I’ve gone too far, we’ve passed his block. So then we start heading back (but on the opposite side of the street) and I look to my right (which was my left coming out of the field) and see some vaguely familiar houses. “I know Chris-kun lives on the 11-hundred block, so we’ll just go to that street, and his house is this way somewhere..” I know it’s 11 something with a 4 in it. Maybe 1140, or 1104 or 1174 or 1147… But it’ll be on just one block, so it’ll be okay and I’ll recognize his house when I see it. I turn onto the block, walk maybe a half a house towards the street with the reconizable houses (Chris-kun’s street) and then wake up. I was so annoyed that it ended there, ‘cause in my dream I was thinking ahead that I’ll meet him and he’ll come to the door to greet us with his nice Golden Retriever dog. This was in my imagination in the dream. So yeah. That was it.

GRR!!! I was just starting to type the second dream when my dad disconnected the internet ‘cause I’m not doing my ISUs. GRRRR!!!!! How am I supposed to get them done without internet access? I’ll never get them done! Grr!! I am so mad! I really can’t wait to move out! Also.. it was 11:30 when I started writing this, and now it’s 1:15. Wow. It took a long time to type up my dreams. Just IMAGINE how long I’m gonna be up (ALL NIGHT, probably! GRR!) to finish BOTH ISUs?! GRRR!!!! *almost crying*

I so can’t wait to move out of this house. I hate living here. I know my parents are just concerned, but they GO ABOUT IT ALL THE WRONG WAYS!

And then they go and talk about me and Pam behind our backs, comparing us. GRR! I hate that! And they speak loud enough so I hear everything! Don’t they know to at least WHISPER and close doors and stuff!?? GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

I soooo can’t wait to move out.

DEAR LORD GOD, PLEAAAAAAASE help me put up with this!

And get my crap done. Thanks.



Wednesday, June 04, 2003

DUDE! Am I upset!
I just realized that some of my blog archives have disappeared! Posts I made between June 2001 and December 2002 have dematerialized off the face of the planet! And those were the ones with all my cool Smallville dreams! Grrrr!! And my "ghost" dreams. And my "car-crash" dreams. Grrr!!! And the dream with the Canadian were-geese!


You all remember those, right?

*sniffs* I WANT THEM BACK!!!!!!!

Stupid google taking over blogger! Argh!

It's just not fair. *pouts*

(I still haven't eaten anything yet...)
Lalala... I'm still sick.

Right now I'm watching Clockstoppers on TMN. I still haven't done a thing more for my ISU's yet. I reaaaallly don't want to. But I think I'm feeling well enough to force myself to school tomorrow. And I sooo don't wanna go to school tomorrow.

Today I had another blood test. Four, actually. At least one of them is to check if I have "lime disease" or lyme disease... I don't know what the others are for. And, I had to give the doctor a urine sample, and get an X-ray (two, actually) of my chest taken, AND I have an appointment for an ultra-sound of my abdomen on June 17th. Yay.

Everybody thinks I'm pregnant. Well, not my parents. But it's the first thing doctors ask. First it was mono, and now that it's not mono, I'm pregnant. (There's no possible way in this dimension that I could be, believe me. I'm a virgin in every sense of the word. And I think I'd know that.)

Yeah.... I suck. I'm totally lazy. Whine whine whine, complain complain complain. That doesn't get anything done. Hopefully, when the movie's over, I actually do my crap.

I want highschool to be over... And skip the exams.

*uber-sarcastic* Yay.

So... Just waiting for Jesse Bradford to go into double hyper-time. Which he did. That part is coooool.

Hmmm... So tired! *groans*

I wanna go back to bed...


And.... Holly knows what I'm thinking when I say.... I need Toronto!

Well, the movie's almost over... Off he goes in the Mustang. The really, really fast Mustang.

I want a Mustang...
And a Viper, and a Corvette, and a Hummer.

Yeah... Those are my cars. *nods*

Wow. Watching the movie the second time, I was able to notice how great a soundtrack it has! Cool. If they have it in stores, I might consider buying it! (nah, probably not. A few of the really great songs I already have on other CDs..)

Speaking of CDs... I wonder when my burner will start talking to my computer again so that I can start burning all that wonderful anime I've downloaded and put it onto disc so I can get more? It's been acting funky lately.

I wonder if maybe my burner is on the frink? Hmmm....

*shudders* *yawns*

I'm cold.

I wanna sleep.

Maybe I should go to bed. Except, I'm sitting here with my comforter on me. And I'm already shivering. Maybe I am still too sick to go to school tomorrow... Hm.... I wonder how many days I have left anyways. But then again, the school DID call yesterday morning. "We're concerned about Christine, it's evaluation time." Blah blah blah.

I'm soooo tired. *yawns again*
And I have a headache from my dad's music.

To Holly if you're reading this: I guess no visit today! I'm still "too sick" as it were, and of course, I've got the dreaded ISUs of DOOM.

To Ghislain if you're reading this: Hi! Have you read about "the frink"? If so... why don't you draw an interpretation of it on my oekaki board?

Well, off I go to try to pull off reading one book, two plays, 3 articles, and write response journals for each, as well as research on the authors and write an essay... And then do 9 "private" journals, read the rest of Hamlet and do questions for Acts 3 to 5. Oh yeah. I am soooooooooooooooooo dead.

In fact, I'm so dead, I'm undead.

Gah.... Maybe I'll just wait 'til after I've seen The Weekenders. That's such a relaxing show...

Yeah, I guess I'll eat right now, and watch some more TV. When I'm done that, hopefully I've got enough energy, mindpower, and willpower to get crackin'.

Well, see ya!
Ja ne!

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Hmm... I want to write more but I don't know what to write.
What should I write?

Bryan asked me to guest-rant on his forum. I wonder what I should write about there? His comic, obviously.. Or his art at least. It really blows me away, his uber-cleanliness. Wow. Amazing. Sugoi! But... Still What should I do?

And here I sit, shivering at my computer, staring at this glowing screen, probably burning my eyes out as I do so, knowing I have a load of crap to do... but I'm here instead. Chatting with my friends on MSN. Typing up this blog. Why? I don't know! I just am. I don't like work, it's true.

*Bird of Truth comes flying in out of nowhere*: It's true! It's true! *exuent Bird*

But nobody really likes work. Not really. At least I don't think so. Maybe people who love their jobs, but to those people, it's not work. It's fun. I want that. I want my job to be fun, my career to be fun. But I have to work to get there. And I hate work. I despise it. Work sucks. Really, it does. If I had a job that was fun, it wouldn't be work. It wouldn't! It would be a pleasure, and I would be happy.

Why? Why does the world have to be like this? Why do we have to learn complicated Math, like algebra or trigonometry when we ALREADY KNOW what we want to do with our lives? Why must we sit for hours and hours studying stuff, that we know we will never have to use?
Wait. I forgot. I don't have Math anymore. :PPP

But anyways, moving on... WHY? I mean, I've known what I wanted to do with my life since I was 5. FIVE! Since I was FIVE I've wanted to be an actor, in movies and television and such. I still do. And that's what I'm going to University for. THAT'S what I'm paying for school for. THAT'S the program I didn't get into. (Sadly.... *sighs*)

So I'm taking something else instead. Another program. Instead of BFA Acting, I'm taking BA Honours Drama and Communication Studies. So basically, I get crappy, general drama classes (which are still fun) and video and media related classes. And that's okay. But it's not what I want.

I want to be an actor, more than a filmmaker or producer. Those are fun things, but I love acting more. Acting is my first love, Filmmaking my second.

I WILL become the next Mel Brooks.

Only female, of course.

So yeah.

Why?! Why?!

I guess you need to know these things...


It really doesn't make sense...

Well, I haven't been typing up very amusing things lately, have I? You'll have to forgive me, as my brain has been on the frink. Yes. The frink. I have made up a new word, because that's what my brain has been on. Seriously! The frink! Anyways, you're probably getting annoyed with me now, and are wanting me to get on with it, so I will. After this one more thing: My brain! It's on the frink!

Okay, I'm done.

So I haven't really written anything amusing lately. But that's okay. You know why? Because my friend, Holly, over here, she has made up an interesting blog of her own. Yup. All about her dreams and strange theories. Including one about BOB. I'm with her on this one. *nods head up and down* Bob is trying to take over the world. And he's British. Read up on it here: Autobiography of an Alter Ego. And I also strongly suggest you read her "World Famous Astronaut Dream", because truly, it is one of the coolest dreams ever!!!

So go and read it!

Also... Just in case you're thinking... Wait! That says nothing about Bob being British! But think hard... Where does Bob the Builder originate from? BRITAIN! What does Sponge Bob do? He holds up his pinky while drinking tea! SO THERE!!!!! HAH!!!!!

Okay... and on other notes.... Gaaaahhhhhhhhh....... Still waaaaay too much work. And I can't do it. I can't. Because my mind is on the frink! I'm not exactly sure what "the frink" is, but I imagine that it has something to do with a whirring, serrated, circular-saw, and it's going to attack me. I think it's cutting deep into my brain. I guess it's like a worktable. One of those wood-shop workstation tables, with the large circular saw that can lift up and come down on you. Whirring. Whirring it's evil little whirrs of death, preparing to slice your melon open. Yeah. You're melon. 'Cause your brain is a watermelon, and the people operating the frink are thirsty. Yeah. That's it.

Wow. I'm gruesome tonight.

What am I on?

Sadly... nothing.

It's just because my brain is on the frink.

Stupid frink!

Sunday, June 01, 2003

I'm gonna cry.
I had a very strange week. A very very strange week.
I didn't go to school all week, and yet, I did.

It's so confusing and emotion-filled that I don't really know how to write all that happened. Basically, I'm sick. I have some kind of virus, which is making me a reverse insomniac, or a narclepsiac? (don't know exactly what that word is). Anyways, I've been sleeping anywhere from 11 to 16 hours a day, ever since Tuesday night. It's bizarre, it's annoying... and it's kind of nice. I mean, I like sleep! But, I miss my social life, my friends. And now I have a bajillion pounds of homework (including my two ISU's of DOOM!!!) to catch up on. *sighs* Its crazy.

I plan to sleep through tomorrow as well. I'm going to force myself to school on Tuesday, though.

My marks are going down the drain. I'm an idiot. A lazy idiot. A sloth. I'm terrible.

But I've been reading leisurely again. And I like to read. Reading's nice. I've been reading Eli by Bill Myers, my favourite author. It's about a parallel universe where Jesus Christ hasn't come and died on the cross... Until now in the early 21st century. And his name is Eli Shephard. He wasn't born in Bethleham, he was born in the laundry room of a dirty Motel 6 in Santa Monica. He didn't walk on water, he walked through a tornado. It wasn't 5 loaves and two fishes to feed the 5000, it was two hamburgers and a side of fries!

This book is awesome and hilarious at the same time. It makes me want to become a Christian.. but, I already am! It makes Jesus so attractive, showing him to be a rebel against authority... yet sucumbing to the One True Authority, God. It's so utterly amazing! I'm loving this book!

But I still don't see the point of flip-flopping back to Julia in the other reality. In fact, those passages are somewhat getting on my nerves.

But whatever. The rest of the book is worth it!

Bill Myers, you rock!

And thousands of times more importantly... JESUS CHRIST, YOU KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Your servant in Christ,