Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Happy happy happy!!

Well... not exuberantly happy, but I've been having a generally good day.
Writer's Craft was especially fun.

I've just made a new way for you all to "contact" me.
My old oekaki board (which was pretty much private) has been trashed from inactivity I guess, so I made a new one under a new name...

The Official Oddisms Oekaki Board!!!!

It's called "Oddity3". Click here to check it out! Oddity3: The Official Oddisms Oekaki Board!!!


I expect to see my friends like Ghislain, Sharde, FlamingKetchup, Emiko, Tami, Bryan, Shu, Yoshito, and Julian to draw in there. Plus, I'll be drawing there too. Just relax and feel at ease! The only rule is this: Nothing over PG-13!! And respect other people. Try to comment if you can, but don't feel obligated to do so. Have FUN!!!! ^_^


What a waste of a post, eh?

Hmm.. Oh yeah. And Thermalyte's still not back up yet. I wonder if I'll ever get it flying again... *sighs*

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Well, I'm a lot more consistant than before! And I did only say I would try to write something here everyday. So, I guess I'm doing alright then.

Today's topic: Sickness.

I hate colds. I really really hate them.
I'd much rather have the flu.
Why? When you have the flu, you can still taste your chicken-noodle soup.
When you have the flu, you can STAY HOME!
When you have the flu, you can breathe without any complications.
When you have the flu, your throat is not sore.
When you have the flu, you don't have a stuffy or runny (or some bizarre combination of both) nose!
That's what I think is the worst!
When you have the flu, you may be feeling really tired and weak, but at least you aren't suddenly transformed into the world's biggest clutz!
When you have the flu, you could sleep ever so easily... rather than having a pounding sinus headache keeping you awake all night!
When you have the flu, depending on the severity and your own body, you may be throwing up your dinner, but usually not, right? And not so often. The last time I actually threw up anything while having the flu was at least 4 years ago. But a running/stuffy nose and hacking/coughing due to a chest cold is almost constant (if not that!).


When you have the flu, you can give it to your friends, but not as easily (it's not airborne, and they'd have to come over to get it).
When you have the flu, people pamper you. When you have a cold, people laugh at you and make jokes that you're related to Rudolph.

When you have the flu, you may have to avoid meat, milk products, and greasy food products... But you don't really mind because you aren't that hungry anyway.
When you have a cold, the only time your nose ISN'T constantly running is when you're eating... unless it's something spicy.

About the only good thing I can think of about having a cold is that you can eat anything... in fact, you are encouraged to eat. "Starve a fever, feed a cold!"

Unfortunately... Eating isn't all that easy when you have to keep stopping to rub your nose with a Kleenex. Soooo....





Ewwwww! I'm so gross!! >_<

Oh, and if anyone didn't figure it out, I'm writing this because I have a cold right now. It hasn't gotten into my chest yet, but I'll bet it's getting there...
Grrr!!! Stupid virus!
*shakes fist*

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Oh yeah! And then after eating, I went online in hopes of talking to some of these great friends online... and none of them were online. So, this is why I am bored.

And tired.

Oh wait! Misha's online.. Nope.. Now he's offline. Drat.
My hope's went up.. and then down.

Wait! Now Lauren's online! Yay! Someone to talk to!!


Well, see ya!

*zombie-like* Still..... so...... tie-yerd.............

I missed a few days..... But I'm back and I've got a lot to say!
Sort of.

See, I had all this cool stuff to say about my wonderful friends and whatnot earlier... My busride and walk home had me feeling all high... but then I couldn't get to the computer right away.. I had to eat first. (sooooo hungry!)

Anyways.. That was at 2:30. It's 6:30 now. 4 hours later. I've forgotten most of what I was going to say, and the stuff I still remember doesn't sound as good and doesn't have as much enthusiasm behind it. That sucks. Don't you hate it when that happens? I do. *sighs*

It's also because I'm bored and tired and need a nap. Seriously. Last night, I had my night class as usual, so because of that, I missed Gilmore Girls and Smallville as usual. Well.. tonight both were NEW! NEW!!!! It's been so long since they've had new episodes, so I had to stay up and watch them on the west channel! So, I was up until 1am watching TV. After that, I promptly conked out on my bed.

This morning, I woke up at 6:45, as usual. But instead of feeling refreshed.. I really wanted to go back to sleep and call my school and tell them I was going to miss my morning class. I was sooooooo tired. I still didn't regret my decision to watch Smallville last night, though. It was good. ^^

So anyways, all tired and stuff, I went back to bed... and acidentally fell asleep, waking up 15 minutes later to the sound of my sister's seven o'clock alarm. Rushing out of bed I went to the washroom and got dressed and grabbed myself a lunch.. I had to be at the bus stop in 15 minutes or less!!

Thank God, I made it! Phew!
So then I went to school. And I sang for an hour and fifteen minutes. Then it was my first period spare. You'd think I'd get to nap on one of the couches in the Library... but NOooooo!! I had forgotten to do my English homework last night, so I had to do that. I couldn't nap until it was finished. And since I was so tired, it took me the whole period to finish it. Joy.

Then I had English class. We had a test on the play we had just finished yesterday, "A Doll's House". Oh joy. I was sooooooo enthused. Well, I did really well on it at least. 46 out of 50. So it's all good. ^_^
Then I had lunch. Like usual, I had no lunch. Well, this time I sort of did. I had a box of raisins. Mmmm... Those raisins were good! You'd be surprised how much such a small box of food can pick you up, but it really did.

Now it was time for Writer's Craft. Yay! I love this class! Still, I was tired. I went to class and had fun writing a Timed Writing, but towards the end I had a bit of a brain-fart. I'm blaming it on the tiredness. After that, I WAS FREE!!! I could go HOME!!!!
And take a NAP!!!!!

But.. of course... you know that I didn't.

After stepping off the bus I suddenly began having realizations about what wonderful friends I have... I was thinking about all the great new friends I made in Toronto... and all the great new friends I made this year at Walkerville, and all my great friends I've had before. God has really blessed me with some excellent friends. I'm thrilled. ^_^

So that was mostly what I was thinking about. I don't remember the details of the interesting thought-pattern that was going through my head anymore, nor can I make it up or get back into the mood... because I'm so tired.

I just really hope I can go to Ryerson next year so I can spend more time getting to know my new Toronto friends better. They really are great. I love my friends. *hugs all my friends; you know who you are!*

So yeah.

That is all.

I'm tired.

I'd go take a nap... but then I probably wouldn't sleep properly tonight... resulting in the same nap-wanting tomorrow.


Saturday, April 19, 2003

Now it's 2:30am.
I have just finished taking out the recycling. THAT'S RIGHT!
As soon as I was done posting my previous post, my dad made me do the RECYCLING!
That involves not ONLY taking the stuff outside, but sorting between papers/boxes and EVERYTHING ELSE, and BREAKING DOWN and FOLDING the all the stupid BOXES! This took me about an hour and 15 minutes!

It's 1:15am, and he makes me do this stuff at this time!

It's things like these that make me want to move away more and more.
I really really REALLY need a job so that I can get the heck out of here.


So yeah!

I'm a little upset. Just a little. Oh-hohoho!!

Why do parents have to be like this??

What shall I write about today? I don't know. I'm pretty tired. I just finished colouring Ghislain's great lineart for our Easter contribution to Nafta. He didn't ask me to colour it. I asked HIM if I could colour it. It was fun... but hard work. 2 and a half hours total. Yeah.

Why do I do these things?
But then... at the same time, I don't do my own comic. It doesn't quite make sense... does it? To want to help and please others, but neglect your own work?

I think I'm just really lazy.


Earlier today, I was thinking of typing up "Toronto Sappiness" (another one of my Private Journal entries) because I was in a wanderlust mood for Toronto... but now I'm feeling much more happy and quite satisfied, after spending most of my evening chatting with Ghislain, colouring the Easter picture (which you can see at Yankuckcanee on Easter Sunday), and laughing over stupid products from this crazy website!

Some examples:
Boing! is a shower head that anticipates your every move, is audible only to dogs and pushes things down staircases.

Design #2968174129
It's a car! It is made of glass!

POW!!! is a screwdriver that wears a waistcoat and tie! It shouts 'WARNING!' at the first sign of danger.

Design #3834577521
It's an umbrella! It may have harmful side effects!

And etc.
Heh. It was really really funny.
I think so, at least.

Julie wanted me to take a test, so I did! It was fun and had a really kawaii pic at the top! ^_^ Looks like a very lovely anime! ^_^
Anyways, here is my result!

Are you a Seme or Uke?

So, I can't really think of anything else...
Hmm... nothing really tremendously insightful today.

I still really like Japan-a-Radio, in fact, I'm listening to it right now.

Oh yeah! One more thing!
Everyone go and check out The Stairwell right now! It's a really really funny and very Canadian webcomic! I love it! It's amusing! GO! I'm serious! Why are you still here? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good night!
(I still haven't gone to bed yet)

Friday, April 18, 2003

Well, I missed yesterday again. It feels like today ('cause I'm still up from yesterday) but it was really yesterday. That sounds like some whole elaborate sort of mind-bending, time-twisting plot now, doesn't it? Oh, how I wish I could begin to type up my Time-Warp story for you, based off of the ellusive Timed-Writing #15! (I just handed it in to be marked today.)

Well, since today is really today now, and not yesterday, that makes it Good Friday, the day MY Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, so that we could be forgiven and enter heaven.

That's just so wonderful! Don't you think so?

I love Jesus! He's so cool!

I can't wait to draw up J-Force for Him! It's going to be great! The characters will call up their boss J.C. on their red cellphones... ^_^

I still need to improve my drawing skills some more before I begin. Hopefully, by 2004, I can start putting it up on the internet.


This weekend, I'm going to attempt (finally) the insane, nearly impossible (well probably not really, if I ever get started on it) task of fixing and re-vamping my site for Thermalyte. Yay.

I like being creative and working on websites... but not so much when they're this much WORK. Ugh. I hate work. I'm so incredibly lazy.
I need a job. Oh yes. This week I shall also be job-hunting, since my dad is apparently totally against me going to school in Toronto. Grr!!! So yes, I shall shove my money-making abilities in his face. If only I could get hired somewhere...

I need more of a life. Actually, I have a life, but I think hermit-ism runs through my blood. It must be because of my dad. He likes to keep to himself. And then, on top of that, both my grandmas LOVE reading... so there's another reason for me to become a hermit right there!

Yeah.. this is insane. I guess I'm in this ranty mood because I'm so tired, and my eyelids are hanging halfway down my face. It is 1:02am afterall!

So, I shall be leaving all of you to your own devices for now.

Ja ne!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Okay, so I missed yesterday.
Well, technically not, since when I posted what feels like two days ago was actually in the WEE hours of the morning. So WEE, that they were still in double digits!

Anyways, here I shall type up but the first of one of my bizarre "private" journals from Writer's Craft, entirely for your weird pleasure. This was Private Journal #3.. The first to include my usual weird spasms of randomness. It was written 2003-02-07. Enjoy!

Isn't it funny how when you aren't paying attention to things because you are too busy thinking, that you can still automatically get yourself somewhere? You know, like an autopilot? Well I did that just a moment ago on my way down to the bathroom, I was thinking about how I think youth group will go tonight, and not until I had set my butt on the toilet did I realize where I was. How did I get here? What if I accidentally went into the guy's bathroom? Currie is reading "There's a hair in my dirt." Tom says he always writes his private journals in narrative. We are the knights who say "Ni". Ni! Ni! Jumping into pictures. Falling into rain. Open doors and closing lives. Shut your mouth and eat your tongue. Computers. I like comics. Fire alarms. Team Rocket Rules! James. "Prepare for trouble" "and make that double" "Jesse" "James" "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light" "Surrender now of prepare to fight" "Meowth! That's right". Je ne sais quois. Look at me! I have no head! It's the end of the world as we know it! I feel fine! Now I get to go home, I'm going to watch Sailor Moon. I like Sailor Moon. I've been watching that show since I was six or seven. My friends Aaron and Joel were the ones who first introduced me and got me addicted to the show. Now I'm a big Moonie because of it. Hee! Yup. I'm a Moonie. I've become quite the Otaku in the past year as well. I've nearly filled my hard drive with anime. Anime rocks. On the internet, my name is Anime Canuck because I like anime so much. Don't forget to invite your son for Christmas! That's right! Now shut your mouth and eat your tongue! Then eat a giant cake filled with the soy milk from the moons of Jupiter. Starry night sky so dark is fleeting. Wonder Woman cries out for Superman at his wedding. Brightly dawn is near. I feel at peace.

Yup.. That certainly was bizarre, wasn't it? Well.. It gets stranger.. Only while making more sense at the same time. I love Toronto. I really do. I was just up there last weekend (April 11th, 12th, and a bit of 13th) for my Ryerson audition. My Windsor audition is May 9th. I REALLY want to get in at Ryerson. I love Toronto! I have to go there. I just HAVE to!!!

Well, I'm off.
Good night, everybody!


Monday, April 14, 2003

Blah, blah... you know the drill.
And that's why from NOW on, I'm going to try to write something once a day, whether it's just typing up an old Writer's Craft private journal entry (they're not actually private), or recalling a REALLY old dream, or just random blurbs and rants and thoughts of my own.

As usual, this is oddisms. It's my little corner of the web to be weird in. Well.. I'm really quite weird EVERYHWERE I go on the internet.. but.. yeah. You know.

Well, since it's past midnight and I need to get up early tomorrow (ugh!) I'm off to bed.

See ya later!

(yeaaaaaahh.. not much of a post, I know... well.. I'll totally make up for that tomorrow beginning with my first Private Journal entry!!!!! HAH! Hahahahah!)